I just have to share this picture with everyone.  Friendship is an invaluable thing, Friendship is earned thru’ honestly, thru’ being fair, thru’ never treating your friends the way you don’t want to be treated, friendship is stepping up to protect and not trouble your friend, friendship is about what you can do for your friend and not the other way round.  And this precious lil’ gal’s parents’ friendship to us.. are priceless.  We watch chloe’s lil friend grow up.. both of them are invited to each others birthday party every year.   My Chloe and I are immensely blessed by this lil’ gal – as i watch her grow up so beautifully .. and playing with my Chloe..  I hope that they two will become good friends too.  Sarah is a year older than Chloe..  but both gals are so loved by both families.  We had gone to visit for a bit this morning.. to send a gift of crystal to Sarah – one that Chloe had picked out for all her friends.


  1. Seeing Chloe & Sarah smiling faces really bring back memories of my childhood with my best friend. We used to share things and played together whenever we had a break from schoolworks. We still keep in contact with each others even though we live so far apart. Yes, friendship is precious and lasting as we grow up together in this small world.

  2. Pat

    well said MB! good and solid friendship is hard to come by so it’s a real treasure when it does come along.

  3. soofen

    it is always the greatest thing to have friends growing up together… lots of sweet memories to share and happy~ I hope that I have one… Regrettably that I didn’t manage to keep in touch with my best friends from young ever since my family moves… sad~
    Yea you are right Pat, we must always treasure what you have now…

  4. keen

    Having friends are important. We can count on truly good friends to warm our hearts and to lift our spirit. That is why it is both precious and priceless…..

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