You all know .. i crave for food from home and even though i love curry a lot, there is only so much curry chicken one can eat with rice and noodles right.  So when Charmaine sent one of those vegies curry paste, i decided to make some vegie curry for dinner – but since i have been having rice and vegies for so I looked for something else to go with my vegie curry instead.


Yes..! they do have naan here.. but not as popular with the people here.. and really i can’t eat that much naan in one meal.  So i had to freeze the 2nd piece for another day.  The garlic naan that i had wasn’t too bad.. nor were they expensive .. about $4 .. and it’s easy and already cook.  All you need to do, is to heat them up in the oven.. and it’s ready to eat.  Yums..!!


  1. i like the vegie curry paste too, easy to cook and also a great alternative to chicken curry (as you mentioned). My sis is coming from Oregon to Sydney for Christmas. Let me know if you need anything, I’ll get her to take it back to Portland and send it to you.

  2. CT

    I had naan a couple of days ago too! Picked some up at the local supermarket. They have a whole wheat version…doesn’t taste as good tho : O.

  3. snow

    Yummy! I’ve always loved naan. Great alternative to rice and noodles. Serve it with salad, and voila that’s dinner done. =)

  4. Sometimes when I’m also sick of rice and noodles, I buy a small loaf of French bread, lightly toast it and eat it with curry. I like how the outside is crispy and the inside is so soft. Don’t know if you would like to try that.

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