Zellers Diner

We had a quick lunch at Zellers Diner on Sunday – and you would think that at 2pm.. and the restaurant pretty much empty .. with only a few tables.. 2 waitresses .. and one cook – you should probably get your order taken.. fairly quickly.  But nope..  one of the waitress had left a … [Read more…]

Olympic Torch

Yes, the Olympic Torch passed thru’ our small little town. . and although i had no plans to go see it..  i was glad i didn’t missed it.  At 2.30pm a week ago, ppl were lining up on Main Street .. our store wasn’t too far away.. a 5 mins walk to the town hall. … [Read more…]

Creme Brulee

I really love going grocery shopping – truth be told,  i just love looking at different kinda food.. and different kinda ingredients.  I have always been this way.. especially if i was traveling.  But you and I know that supermarkets can be a fascinating place to be .. not only for kids.. but for adults.. … [Read more…]

Angels For Angels

In October this year, I had put on this blog to ask kind folks to help me raise funds for my Chloe’s school and a lot of you came forward to buy these angels.  Some have opted to donate the money directly to the school and some have opted to buy these angels.  I cannot … [Read more…]

Onion Soup

You all must be beginning to think that I only eat at Tim’s .. hahahha!!! but it’s not true lah.  Tim’s had this limited period Onion soup .. for a month now.. and i am trying it .. because i didn’t want it to end.. without trying it out.  So happily one morning..  or an … [Read more…]


You all know I’m not a big fan of cakes or desserts or anything sweet.. but sometimes.. the ang moh likes them.. and chloe loves the chocolate glazed ones..  but she only eats at the most 3 timbits.   But there is one .. the honey glazed one that.. taste a little like the ones we … [Read more…]

Cinnamon Strips

While you all have Pizza Hut .. and Spageddies (my favorite place), we have Greco.  When i first arrived in Canada..  i used to eat chicken wings and a salad from Greco’s .. but like anything.. you get kinda tired after a while.   Greco’s pizza isn’t the best i’ve tasted here.. but they are of … [Read more…]

Diet Sparkling Green Tea

I’m sure by now.. you all know that I’m diabetic.. and if you think that being a diabetic.. one cannot eat or drink anything sweet.. then you are wrong.  But if you cannot eat or drink everything in moderation.. then it’s time to get stuff that has no sugar in it .. or preferably no … [Read more…]

Maria’s Kitchen

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Low For Tong

So everyone is dying to know what happened to my special kinda soup right..??  before i start.. i have to let you know.. that Chloe loved it.. and said the soup was very sweet.  Thanks for Kai Mah, Lina for her Hor Si  (dried oysters) that she sent..  from Singapore..  a few months ago. So … [Read more…]

A Special Kinda Soup

Why a special kinda soup i hear you asking..??  afterall, I’ve had lotus root soup before even though i am in Canada and the Zhu’s does give me home made soup often enough too.  Well, this lotus root soup is gonna be special.. because it will be cooked with “hoe see” & “kong yue chi” … [Read more…]

Lunch Packed With Love

While other mummies make bento lunches for their kids ..  outta their love for them and to entice them to eat, i can only cook ordinary chinese lunches for my chloe.  Why do i need to pack lunch for her lunch break at school..??  it’s because Chloe is a fussy eater.. and never wanna eat … [Read more…]

Pomegranate Cheese Danish

I have to strongly recommend this to diabetic.. because it didn’t taste too sweet to me.. and i’m totally in love with it.  Plus it is pomegranate .. something that i grow up with.   But a check with Tim’s nutritional calculator showed that the sugar was only 13 grams..  but the calories were like 300 … [Read more…]