Zellers Diner

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We had a quick lunch at Zellers Diner on Sunday – and you would think that at 2pm.. and the restaurant pretty much empty .. with only a few tables.. 2 waitresses .. and one cook – you should probably get your order taken.. fairly quickly.  But nope..  one of the waitress had left a few tables dirty.. and had gone back behind the counter to take a few sips of drinks..  in the few trip she made up and down .. i don’t know doing what .. before she got to us.  It was a good 15 mins … before she got to us with the menu.  I didn’t dare ask about the   free directory coz’ i don’t even know if she knows anything about it.


We ordered a platter to share.. but there were more decorative greens than food.. hahahah!!! but at $12.99 .. can’t really ask for a lot lah.  It was with onion rings, sweet potatoes, a crab cake, some mozarella sticks  and 2 chicken fingers.  If you are wondering where the food was .. i had forgotten to take pictures.. coz’ we were already so hungry.


Yes..! the lil’ brat of mine.. not wanting to eat her food at all.


What is she having.. baked sweet potatoes and a chicken finger.. and nope.. she refuses to eat the sweet potatoes.. and ate a bit of the chicken fingers.  And here we thought .. we didn’t have to carry food with us.. when she is older..  but she is still doing the same thing ..  *sigh*.

Moms Going Back To The Workforce

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This morning while preparing to go back to the store, I thought to myself, i would very much like to go back to work.  Yes, we own our own business.. but helping the “ang moh” is different from going out and earning someone else’s money.  As much as I would love to go out and interact with some “normal” people and having an objective in sales target and so forth..  i once again thought about who is gonna take care of Chloe.  And having not work in a regular and demanding job for the last 10 yrs.. i’m actually wondering if I’m equipped to go back to the workforce.  I also figured that I should do some upgrades now..  like  look into some online degree programs that way i still can be there for Chloe when she is back from school or  be home to put her to bed on time without having to go to school physically.

By opting to go for an online university , I don’t have to worry that I’m leaving Chloe on her own while she is still so young yet I can prepare myself to enter the workforce with an extra degree that my future employer will value.   Doing my degree online also allows me the flexibility to plan my time accordingly and fit them around Chloe’s many activities and those of the store’s.   I love the fact that tuition on these online courses are affordable  because you and I know that raising a kid is not cheap and cost effectiveness is one thing I learn from being a mom.  Moms  like me raring to going back to the workforce can make their dreams come true now, but discipline and having strong family support as well as a reputable school is important.  What is your take on upgrading oneself..?

Olympic Torch

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Yes, the Olympic Torch passed thru’ our small little town. . and although i had no plans to go see it..  i was glad i didn’t missed it.  At 2.30pm a week ago, ppl were lining up on Main Street .. our store wasn’t too far away.. a 5 mins walk to the town hall.


Everyone was excited.. and anticipating.. this historical moment.  The streets were packed with young and old alike, all hoping to get a glimpse of the world’s most famous flame.   The torch was taken through its closest approach to Shelburne County with a visit to Yarmouth, Bear River and Annapolis on Thursday, before heading back to Halifax and then to PEI and later this week to New Brunswick.


The streets were packed.. and as you can see the Royal Bank Of Canada must be one of the main sponsors here.  We came too late.. for the pom-poms and rattles that they handed out to the by-standers.


Chloe met her school friend on Main Street, Madison was absolutely thrilled to see Chloe.


Nachos Supreme

Posted by mamabok | Appetizers,Canadian,Food Review,Junke Food,Western | Thursday 26 November 2009 1:29 pm


Nachos Supreme was the only thing i could eat when i was pregnant with Chloe .. but these days.. i eat it maybe.. once in every 3 months.  It’s mostly as an appetizer or something to fill me up.. when i’m in between meals.. and gets hungry..and have nothing else to eat.. because i don’t eat cakes.. or ice cream.  This is gotten from KFC .. and sometimes.. it’s pretty good.. and other times.. well, soggy.  What about you ..?? do you like Nachos Supreme..?? oh btw.. it’s pretty cheap.. i think less than $3 here in Canada.

Artistic Bakers

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We went hunting for Chloe’s birthday cake the other day.. and am in awe with what was displayed at the local grocery store.   These bakers are really very artistic donch you think..??  I don’t know how much something like that would cost ..but i can’t be sure.. i won’t wanna eat it.. if i bought it.. hahhahaha!! luckily chloe didn’t asked for this cake.. else how to chop it into pieces to be chomped down right..?


Cheap, cheap right..?? the cakes.. this one only $15 ..!!!  i think i’m getting this one for Chloe’s class for Christmas.   I bet the kids will be thrilled.

Creme Brulee

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I really love going grocery shopping – truth be told,  i just love looking at different kinda food.. and different kinda ingredients.  I have always been this way.. especially if i was traveling.  But you and I know that supermarkets can be a fascinating place to be .. not only for kids.. but for adults.. especially for someone who loves food.

I haven’t had a good creme brulee for a long, long time.  The last time i had one was when i was at the Marco Polo Hotel at the Brasserie in Hong Kong.  But my favorite is still the ones from the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore.. at the Coffee Garden.  I used to drive all the way there just to buy fresh creme brulee for lunch.  My bosses used to think i was crazy.. muahhaa!!


I’m sure if i looked hard enough here in Canada.. someone could probably make some good creme brulee  – the last time i had mine here in this town was from Chez Bruno and he charged like $10 a dessert – it was a special menu thing.. not done everyday .. at that time.  But i was very disappointed with his creme brulee because it was nothing like the ones I’ve eaten before – not even the ones from Paris – Le Terrazze or Le Vin Sobre ( a budget cafe).

So when i saw these at the local supermarket .. i had to try it.. and although i still needed to do some work and put it into the conventional oven for 5 – 8 mins.. it was worth it.. and it only cost $4.  So how does it taste.. ?? not bad.. not bad.. although mass produce  ,  i donch mind it at all.  So for those in Canada.. you can find this at Superstore.  I don’t know if it is seasonal or not..  but it’s there right now.

Presents From Auntie Barb

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Like i’ve always said, we are definitely blessed with so many good online friends… and Barb is a long time friend of mine.. who gives unconditionally – not only gifts of food but gifts of kindness and understanding.  Gift of encouragement and a gift to say nothing .. but lent a listening ear – these gifts of hers is priceless.


A month and a half ago, Barb sent thru’ her brother in law who was home visiting ..  a huge package – thanks to the brother-in-law (Michael)  .. for his willingness to carry it all the way back from Malaysia.


We waited for Chloe to come back from school to let her open it because it was under her name.  We are trying to train Chloe about respecting ppl’s space and privacy.  She was so excited to receive any packages.. and we are grateful for them.


Of  course, Barb remembered to send food to me ..  curry laksa that i had eaten right away.  And a lucky cat charm for the “ang moh” .. he said thank you to you .. Barb.. very thoughtful he said you are.


And lots of clothes for Chloe and stickers.


A Dora book that chloe was so excited about.


The lucky cat wind chime for the store that Chloe had to see first.


Angels For Angels

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In October this year, I had put on this blog to ask kind folks to help me raise funds for my Chloe’s school and a lot of you came forward to buy these angels.  Some have opted to donate the money directly to the school and some have opted to buy these angels.  I cannot thank all of you enough and they have finally arrived.. and ready to ship out.


Those who have opted to have these angels mailed out .. please confirm your address thru’ email and I’ll have them out next week first thing on Monday.  While the rest who have opted for direct donation, Chloe school had asked for an LCD projector, so we’ve ordered a projector to donate to Chloe’s school.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind donation .. and if there is anything i can do in return for you all, please do not hesitate to let me know.


This is the actual size of the box of angel .. and the angels do look very pretty.  Thank you very much again.  Below is a picture of  projector we are getting for the school, the money collected from this fund raiser covers one third of the cost, the rest – the ang moh will fork out the money for it.


Once again.. thank you for your generosity .. and don’t forget to email me with your address, to me  – you all are angels with a heart of gold.

Onion Soup

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You all must be beginning to think that I only eat at Tim’s .. hahahha!!! but it’s not true lah.  Tim’s had this limited period Onion soup .. for a month now.. and i am trying it .. because i didn’t want it to end.. without trying it out.  So happily one morning..  or an early afternoon..  i decided to try it out.


So here is my bowl of onion soup and i guess you are wondering how does it taste right..?? or is it worth the money.. and so forth..??  Well, lets just say.. you didn’t missed anything.. if you didn’t try it.  It  wasn’t bad .. but it didn’t have the oommpp..! if you know what i mean.. but for $3 .. one can’t really complain lah.  It also comes with a huge roll – whole wheat if you choose too.  But i’ll have to say.. the gals at Tim’s are awesome, awesome. folks.. and if the Tim’s has anything.. it’s the gals there.


Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review | Wednesday 18 November 2009 11:52 am


You all know I’m not a big fan of cakes or desserts or anything sweet.. but sometimes.. the ang moh likes them.. and chloe loves the chocolate glazed ones..  but she only eats at the most 3 timbits.   But there is one .. the honey glazed one that.. taste a little like the ones we get back home.. that one can dipped into your black coffee and enjoy (i just found that out the other day) ..so I get them.. for myself.. and eat one or two of it.


Timbits are small donuts.. and they are not only meant for children.. but for adults too.  For 10 of these.. it cost like 2 bucks.  or 15 cents eat or 20 cents i think.   We don’t really eat it a lot .. but sometimes.. when you got nothing else to eat.. no variety .. like in singapore.. you got no choice lor hor.  But for those .. who likes donuts..  you won’t be too, too disappointed.. but nothing like Krispy Kreme lah.

Red Bean With Sago & White Nut

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It’s getting colder every day and it will be colder from now on and i find comfort in a bowl of red bean with white nut and some sago .. to give the red bean soup some body.  My mother used to cook this soup for us.. but without the sago.. so it is a very thin soup.. and i didn’t really liked it then.  I don’t use much sugar in mine … because i’m diabetic and since no one drinks the dessert or eat them.. i have a whole pot to myself.  And by the way.. many of you have asked what kind of  digital cameras i used for my photo taking for the food i post up .. and some wonder if i have a good cell phone that does the picture .. since i need to whip it out wherever i am.


Truth be told even before the food blog .. i take pictures of everything.  I think it has to do with traveling a lot .. before coming to Canada.  And I no shame oneeee.. hhahahaha!!  i just do whatever i think i want.. muahhahaha!!!   but yes.. i used a Canon SD 1100 – that the “ang moh” got from his airmiles. I also like Chng Teng for dessert and bor bor cha char .. and the jelly thingie too.. but of course..  cannot get here lah.. so beggars can’t be choosers right..??  so i just cook whatever i can find ingredients for.  Oh ..!! and i missed tau huay most..!!  and i would just about pay anything for a bowl of tau huay.

Cinnamon Strips

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,Junke Food,Pizzas | Monday 16 November 2009 2:33 pm


While you all have Pizza Hut .. and Spageddies (my favorite place), we have Greco.  When i first arrived in Canada..  i used to eat chicken wings and a salad from Greco’s .. but like anything.. you get kinda tired after a while.   Greco’s pizza isn’t the best i’ve tasted here.. but they are of reasonable pricing.. and better than some.


But we rarely eat pizza .. even on good days… just not very much into junk food.  But they do have this cinnamon strips.. that i was quite hooked onto .. for a long time.. but i now rarely eat it.. because it is SWEEEEEEEETTTTT..!!!  But on Saturday..  i made the “ang moh” go out at midnite.. to get some for me.. muahhahahaha!!! just had to eat something different.. coz’  i didn’t get any mini spring rolls from Su Lee – the vietnamese lady..  she wasn’t in.  At less than $4 .. it’s an awesome dessert.. but cannot eat too often.. nor too much – everything in moderation.

Diet Sparkling Green Tea

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Drinks,Health,My Musing | Friday 13 November 2009 3:00 pm


I’m sure by now.. you all know that I’m diabetic.. and if you think that being a diabetic.. one cannot eat or drink anything sweet.. then you are wrong.  But if you cannot eat or drink everything in moderation.. then it’s time to get stuff that has no sugar in it .. or preferably no sugar added.


Diet green tea alone .. can be bland in taste.. but since i saw a diet sparkling green tea.. that is flavored.. i just had to try it.  So how was it..??  it was ok.. still had that diet taste.. but if you want a fizzy drink.. and a drink that doesn’t put your blood glucose up.. then this is probably the best way to go.  I don’t drink it everyday.. just went i feel like having a fizzy drink.  But having it flavored is probably better than just plain diet tea.  Mostly i still prefer to have my pure cranberry juice.. with water.

Maria’s Kitchen

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food Review,My Musing | Thursday 12 November 2009 1:51 pm


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Low For Tong

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,My Musing,Slow Cooking | Wednesday 11 November 2009 3:32 pm


So everyone is dying to know what happened to my special kinda soup right..??  before i start.. i have to let you know.. that Chloe loved it.. and said the soup was very sweet.  Thanks for Kai Mah, Lina for her Hor Si  (dried oysters) that she sent..  from Singapore..  a few months ago.


So what’s in the soup..??  lotus roots of course.. and some hor si (dried oysters), wolfberries, red dates, mutt chor and stewing pork or pork ribs.  As you can see here.. i had boiled some hot water .. and cleaned out the pork first.. and threw out the dirty water.. so that the soup will be nice and clear.  Dumped everything into a slow cooker.. boil some hot water.. and slow cook between 4 – 6 hrs.  When it is ready.. all you have to do .. is put a pinch of salt.. and it’s ready to drink and eat.


Time your cooking time properly .. because the pork is nice and soft .. on the very first day..  and can be eaten with your rice.. or noodles.  Leave it overnite.. and you will have to do away with the pork.. and drink the soup only .. because the pork will be too tough then.  Lina also sent some dried scallops.. unfortunately, I am heart broken.. because when i took it out from the freezer.. it was moldy.. and i cannot used it anymore.  I don’t know how it happened.. because when i put it in the freezer.. it was good and nice.  I was so devastated.. and i’m sure lina would be too.  But the hor si still did the trick.. and i’m forever grateful for it.  Thank you .. Lina.. for warming our body and soul.. in this cold weather.

Donut Time

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Awesome,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,My Musing,The Brat | Tuesday 10 November 2009 2:57 pm


I know if i wrote this post..  I’ll be torturing poor Auntie Barb.. from KL .. because we know how much Auntie Barb misses Tim’s here in Canada.  Tuesday came and went.. and no sign of Grammie.. so Chloe and I ended up in the park.. with some of her friends and after the park.. we went for some snacks.. at Tim’s.  We had ordered some timbits.. but there weren’t any ..  so we ordered a double chocolate donut for her and some milk.  She was very hungry.. and almost chomped up all the donut.. but of course, everything in moderation.. so she ate 3/4 of it only.. and her milk.


Happy is a kid with Tim’s donut .. hahhaha!!!


But she was so good.. and even helped us.. throw out the garbage.. after we finished. What did we have..?? a coffee.. and some danish.. of course..  and i had forgotten to take pictures of them.. hahha!!! too busy watching the kids.. have fun.

Sunday Lunch

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Cooking,Food Review,My Musing,The Brat,The Other Half,Western | Monday 9 November 2009 2:48 pm


Sunday lunch is usually a quick affair for us.. at home.  We try to eat out.. but knowing that Chloe is quite fussy with what she eats.. it would really be a waste of money.. to eat out.  So we now end up cooking wholesome and fresh mashed potatoes.. with fresh ham.. and corn.


It’s easy .. quick.. .and nutritious .. and what’s best is she loves it.. chomps it down. And for me.. Sunday lunch means.. “ang moh” does the cooking.. i need not do anything.. except for dinner but i still gotta do the dishes.. bummer..!

A Special Kinda Soup

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Chinese,Food From Home,Friendship | Sunday 8 November 2009 2:27 am


Why a special kinda soup i hear you asking..??  afterall, I’ve had lotus root soup before even though i am in Canada and the Zhu’s does give me home made soup often enough too.  Well, this lotus root soup is gonna be special.. because it will be cooked with “hoe see” & “kong yue chi” (aka dried oysters & dried scallops) both sent by Chloe’s Kai Mah from Singapore – Lina.

So i cut up the lotus roots that i had gotten the day before ..  and for those who are not aware of this..  i can’t get lotus roots here.. nor any Asian groceries either.  But i was very lucky because a customer/friend’s wife who was up in Halifax purposely made the trip to the grocery store for me.. and brought me not only mushrooms.. but lotus roots.  I’m very grateful ..!!!


Lunch Packed With Love

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,My Musing,The Brat | Saturday 7 November 2009 2:23 am


While other mummies make bento lunches for their kids ..  outta their love for them and to entice them to eat, i can only cook ordinary chinese lunches for my chloe.  Why do i need to pack lunch for her lunch break at school..??  it’s because Chloe is a fussy eater.. and never wanna eat sandwiches nor pizzas, even healthy lunches like fish nuggets offered by the school is turned down.  So i have no choice but to cook.  But as you all know the ingredients that i can get here is pretty limited.. so i have to improvise most times.. and do the best I can.


When Chloe started recognizing words this year. and can make out simple words and sentences, i wanted to give her the comfort of knowing that I was thinking of her.. and love her every second even though she is in school.  So i started a note tradition …  with simple words like “mama loves chloe & xoxoxo”.  I felt a need to do that.. because fear that i might lose touch with my daughter.. when she becomes a teen.  I hope that by doing this..  we will always know we love each other .. even though .. we might have a tiff the nite before or a disagreement with hers or my decision.

My parents weren’t this way..  they are very old fashioned parents .. who never hugged us.. when we were growing up.. and i never ever want my daughter to grow up feeling awkward in hugging the ppl who loves her.    Have you written any love notes with packed lunches for your kids lately..??  did you put a smile on your spouse’s face.. when they opened the lunch you packed for them.  Loves begins now.. it’s not too late.  Let this week .. be a new beginning for showing love to your loved ones.  Even if your kids are older now.. you can still send them love notes or rekindle that once upon a time warmth feeling in your partner’s/spouse’s heart – never be shy to show you love them.

Pomegranate Cheese Danish

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review | Friday 6 November 2009 2:11 am


I have to strongly recommend this to diabetic.. because it didn’t taste too sweet to me.. and i’m totally in love with it.  Plus it is pomegranate .. something that i grow up with.   But a check with Tim’s nutritional calculator showed that the sugar was only 13 grams..  but the calories were like 300 *pengz*!  This is a new and seasonal item i think  …from Tim’s.. and they come with a Pomegranate White tea.. but i’ve yet to try the tea.   I  think i can definitely eat it for a tea break in the afternoon.. but the calories..  eeewwwkkk..!!! that irks me a lot..  but i guess once a week.. or even once every 10 days.. should be alright eh..?? indulge a little lor..  :)

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