Why a special kinda soup i hear you asking..??  afterall, I’ve had lotus root soup before even though i am in Canada and the Zhu’s does give me home made soup often enough too.  Well, this lotus root soup is gonna be special.. because it will be cooked with “hoe see” & “kong yue chi” (aka dried oysters & dried scallops) both sent by Chloe’s Kai Mah from Singapore – Lina.

So i cut up the lotus roots that i had gotten the day before ..  and for those who are not aware of this..  i can’t get lotus roots here.. nor any Asian groceries either.  But i was very lucky because a customer/friend’s wife who was up in Halifax purposely made the trip to the grocery store for me.. and brought me not only mushrooms.. but lotus roots.  I’m very grateful ..!!!

Anyhow.. i was all ready for brewing the soup in a slow cooker today.. and went out for grocery shopping.. to find that there were no pork riblets to be bought.  IT WAS SOLD OUT..~!!!  Darn..!!!!  they got pork chop.. and pork tenderloin .. but no riblets..!!! what a bummer..!!!  but no worries.. I stored the lotus roots in the fridge.. and will wait for tomorrow to go look for pork in another grocery store.   I can’t wait to taste the “hoe si” & “kong yu chi” in my soup.  Special kind of soup.. thanks to Lina.. for her generosity.


  1. Kokoro

    It will be a special kind of soup indeed, MB! With ‘hoe si’ and ‘kon yue chi’ plus pork ribs, this soup is going to be so tasty and sweet. I usually make this lotus roots soup with pork ribs, red dates and dried octupus. I’ve never tried it with ‘hoe si’ and ‘kon yue chi’. Please let me know how good it is with these two ingredients, won’t you? Thanks!

  2. Lina

    Yes, Kokoro is right! Other then dried oyster & hoe si, i use dried ‘mak yu’ or ‘pak chow yu’ as alternatives. Try putting ‘fa sang’ (peanuts) in it as well, taste & smells gd too. Jan, u must put in more kon yu chi generously, it’ll be sweet, nice! 😛

  3. Susane

    …. MB, can you teach me this soup please ? What else do you put in ? … I used to make the soup totally different as my parents tought me to use skinless chicken leg + drumbstick and simply add red and black eye beans to it. Totally different eh ? My dad is a retired michelin star chef …. so I always assumed his recipes were good …. but glad to learn new things here … 🙂 Thank you ladies …..

  4. The lotus soup sounds really nice for the cold weather we have here. Does Chloe like chinese “old fire soup”? My kids are okay with chinese soup with dinner, but they are not really crazy about it like me. 🙂

  5. Laura

    I like it lotus root in soup but like Susane’s suoup it is full of red bean, water chestnuts and chestnuts (more of this when I do it, the soup is a lot sweeter!) but I prefere to eat mine rather than having it in soup.

    It is usually stir fry so it is still crunchy. If you cut them in thin slices and place then in oil and some garlic, with only sprinkle salt and ‘ho yow’ (oyster sauce) and fry until soft. They will remain crunchy. If you like yours crunchy DO NOT put any water in!! My sister-in-law once cooked it and she put water into it with ‘lam yu’ (fermented yellow bean) it was not the same and wasn’t as nice.

    That is my preference. If you prefer it soft then by all means add water to it. It really is how you like it.

    If you had a go at this and let me know how it went and if you enjoyed it.


  6. Sara

    Hi Mama Bok!!! Thank you for your reply. I’m okay here in KL, and I wish you and your family best of health and happiness. Any special recipe for Christmas? By the way, can I have the p/w to Beyond TROC? My email: sarahchoong@gmail.com Thank you very much!!! Sara

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