In October this year, I had put on this blog to ask kind folks to help me raise funds for my Chloe’s school and a lot of you came forward to buy these angels.  Some have opted to donate the money directly to the school and some have opted to buy these angels.  I cannot thank all of you enough and they have finally arrived.. and ready to ship out.


Those who have opted to have these angels mailed out .. please confirm your address thru’ email and I’ll have them out next week first thing on Monday.  While the rest who have opted for direct donation, Chloe school had asked for an LCD projector, so we’ve ordered a projector to donate to Chloe’s school.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind donation .. and if there is anything i can do in return for you all, please do not hesitate to let me know.


This is the actual size of the box of angel .. and the angels do look very pretty.  Thank you very much again.  Below is a picture of  projector we are getting for the school, the money collected from this fund raiser covers one third of the cost, the rest – the ang moh will fork out the money for it.


Once again.. thank you for your generosity .. and don’t forget to email me with your address, to me  – you all are angels with a heart of gold.


  1. keen

    Generosity is something we must practise. Sometimes it is not the size that matter but the gesture. It does make one feel good.

    “To all the angels with a heart of gold” Cheers!

  2. The boxes of angels look wonderful. I am happy that i can do something small to support Chloe’s school and feel good, too. Thank you for letting me being part of this fundraising. (i will email you my address info.) 🙂

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