We went hunting for Chloe’s birthday cake the other day.. and am in awe with what was displayed at the local grocery store.   These bakers are really very artistic donch you think..??  I don’t know how much something like that would cost ..but i can’t be sure.. i won’t wanna eat it.. if i bought it.. hahhahaha!! luckily chloe didn’t asked for this cake.. else how to chop it into pieces to be chomped down right..?


Cheap, cheap right..?? the cakes.. this one only $15 ..!!!  i think i’m getting this one for Chloe’s class for Christmas.   I bet the kids will be thrilled.


  1. kokoro

    The cakes are beautiful and the price of the Christmas cake is so reasonable and is the perfect gift for Chloe’s class for Christmas.

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