While you all have Pizza Hut .. and Spageddies (my favorite place), we have Greco.  When i first arrived in Canada..  i used to eat chicken wings and a salad from Greco’s .. but like anything.. you get kinda tired after a while.   Greco’s pizza isn’t the best i’ve tasted here.. but they are of reasonable pricing.. and better than some.


But we rarely eat pizza .. even on good days… just not very much into junk food.  But they do have this cinnamon strips.. that i was quite hooked onto .. for a long time.. but i now rarely eat it.. because it is SWEEEEEEEETTTTT..!!!  But on Saturday..  i made the “ang moh” go out at midnite.. to get some for me.. muahhahahaha!!! just had to eat something different.. coz’  i didn’t get any mini spring rolls from Su Lee – the vietnamese lady..  she wasn’t in.  At less than $4 .. it’s an awesome dessert.. but cannot eat too often.. nor too much – everything in moderation.


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