I’m sure by now.. you all know that I’m diabetic.. and if you think that being a diabetic.. one cannot eat or drink anything sweet.. then you are wrong.  But if you cannot eat or drink everything in moderation.. then it’s time to get stuff that has no sugar in it .. or preferably no sugar added.


Diet green tea alone .. can be bland in taste.. but since i saw a diet sparkling green tea.. that is flavored.. i just had to try it.  So how was it..??  it was ok.. still had that diet taste.. but if you want a fizzy drink.. and a drink that doesn’t put your blood glucose up.. then this is probably the best way to go.  I don’t drink it everyday.. just went i feel like having a fizzy drink.  But having it flavored is probably better than just plain diet tea.  Mostly i still prefer to have my pure cranberry juice.. with water.


  1. Lana

    hi! i have been an avid follower of your blog for a few months now and love it. was wondering how to watch your recommended shows and movies. do i need a password? thanks for all your help and thanks for the posts!

  2. ilovetvb

    That looks interesting. Have you ever tried the diet sparkling green tea gingerale? It taste OK. I don’t usually like to drink soda. I am also like MB and craves for something with a fizz once in a while.

  3. Kokoro

    This is not available in my part of the woods. We have all other varieties of green tea in bottles and cans but this one here is new to me. Cranberry juice with water is my preferred choice too if I have to choose between sparkling green tea and cranberry juice.

  4. Sara

    Hi Mama Bok!!! I do need some lemon tea now!! I still haven’t receive any password from you!!! Please Mama Bok!!! I’m still hoping you’ll give me the pw!

  5. Eva

    Hi Mama Bok! Thanks for your reply to my email!

    Do you think I can get the password for Beyond the Realm of Conscience?
    I am actually still rather confused about how it works. When I follow the birdie, I get linked to here. So where do I even put the password?

    Sorry for all those questions >.<

  6. Sara

    Hi Mama Bok!! I haven’t receive any password from you yet. I did leaves comment as you instructed and I’m still waiting.. Please Mama how to find it?

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