So everyone is dying to know what happened to my special kinda soup right..??  before i start.. i have to let you know.. that Chloe loved it.. and said the soup was very sweet.  Thanks for Kai Mah, Lina for her Hor Si  (dried oysters) that she sent..  from Singapore..  a few months ago.


So what’s in the soup..??  lotus roots of course.. and some hor si (dried oysters), wolfberries, red dates, mutt chor and stewing pork or pork ribs.  As you can see here.. i had boiled some hot water .. and cleaned out the pork first.. and threw out the dirty water.. so that the soup will be nice and clear.  Dumped everything into a slow cooker.. boil some hot water.. and slow cook between 4 – 6 hrs.  When it is ready.. all you have to do .. is put a pinch of salt.. and it’s ready to drink and eat.


Time your cooking time properly .. because the pork is nice and soft .. on the very first day..  and can be eaten with your rice.. or noodles.  Leave it overnite.. and you will have to do away with the pork.. and drink the soup only .. because the pork will be too tough then.  Lina also sent some dried scallops.. unfortunately, I am heart broken.. because when i took it out from the freezer.. it was moldy.. and i cannot used it anymore.  I don’t know how it happened.. because when i put it in the freezer.. it was good and nice.  I was so devastated.. and i’m sure lina would be too.  But the hor si still did the trick.. and i’m forever grateful for it.  Thank you .. Lina.. for warming our body and soul.. in this cold weather.


  1. Susane

    Oh KB … thank you so much for posting on how to do this soup … I was eager to know on what you will put in ….. I will try this soup out next … so if I have read it correct, you add some dried scallops to it right ? Do you put a slice of ginger in or no need ?
    As for the dried scallop, my dad – the prof. chef – tought me to put the dried scallops in an air tight glas jar like a jam jar and keep it inside the fridge not the freezer .. it keeps it very well there and has so far never turned bad !! Maybe try it that way …

  2. Oh My,Your lotus soup looks so so good…. you inspire me to go out and buy the needed ingredients for this recipe. So sorry about your dried scallops, i store my dried scallops in airtight glass jar liked Susane said…but i store them in my pantry closet not in the fridge or freezer..
    BTW, pictures look so real, you are so good at taking pictures, cheers! 🙂

  3. Kokoro

    I don’t mind a bowl of your lotus root soup right now, MB! So sorry to hear that the dried scallops had gone mouldy. YOu don’t need to throw them out. The same thing happened to me at one time. All I did was to give the scallops a good scrub and a good wash, then I spread them out and dried them in the hot sun. To dry the scallops further, I popped them in the oven for a short time. Once the scallops were thoroughly dried, I placed them into an airtight jar and put it in the fridge. Those scallops never turned mouldy again afterwards.

  4. I cook the lotus soup using your recipe today. Yeah, the soup is really delicious and sweet. It is perfect for the cold weather here. Thank You Jan! :0)

  5. Sara

    Hi Mama Bok!!! My favorite soup is the lotus roots! But I’ve never tried putting dried oyster and mak joe!! Will try this weekend!

    Thank you Mama!!

  6. Shirley Loo

    ohh delicious looking home made soup … sorry to hear ur dried scallop story lah. I did like Barb as well… just put in fridge but in an air-tight tupperware lah. Lina, really efficient eh u??? ;-D

  7. Princess

    I tried your recipe and it was scrumptuous. I’ve added dried scallop as well, it made it taste so sweet. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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