While other mummies make bento lunches for their kids ..  outta their love for them and to entice them to eat, i can only cook ordinary chinese lunches for my chloe.  Why do i need to pack lunch for her lunch break at school..??  it’s because Chloe is a fussy eater.. and never wanna eat sandwiches nor pizzas, even healthy lunches like fish nuggets offered by the school is turned down.  So i have no choice but to cook.  But as you all know the ingredients that i can get here is pretty limited.. so i have to improvise most times.. and do the best I can.


When Chloe started recognizing words this year. and can make out simple words and sentences, i wanted to give her the comfort of knowing that I was thinking of her.. and love her every second even though she is in school.  So i started a note tradition …  with simple words like “mama loves chloe & xoxoxo”.  I felt a need to do that.. because fear that i might lose touch with my daughter.. when she becomes a teen.  I hope that by doing this..  we will always know we love each other .. even though .. we might have a tiff the nite before or a disagreement with hers or my decision.

My parents weren’t this way..  they are very old fashioned parents .. who never hugged us.. when we were growing up.. and i never ever want my daughter to grow up feeling awkward in hugging the ppl who loves her.    Have you written any love notes with packed lunches for your kids lately..??  did you put a smile on your spouse’s face.. when they opened the lunch you packed for them.  Loves begins now.. it’s not too late.  Let this week .. be a new beginning for showing love to your loved ones.  Even if your kids are older now.. you can still send them love notes or rekindle that once upon a time warmth feeling in your partner’s/spouse’s heart – never be shy to show you love them.


  1. Kokoro

    Great advice there that you’ve given to all of us, MB! Asians tend to be rather conservative when it comes to expressing love. You’re absolutely right, we should never be shy to show our love to those that matter most to us.

  2. Linda

    Great idea MB! When my daughter was away on a three day school trip, I wrote her a note to open before she went to bed and she was so happy. I shall give both of my girls a surprise in their lunch box tomorrow with a ‘I love you’ note.

  3. My older girl, Ash loves finding little notes or sometimes a surprise in her lunchbox. Like Chloe, Ash is not interested in sandwiches. So I have to make/cook special lunches for her or sometimes she gets leftovers. As long as she eats her lunch, I am happy.

  4. ilovetvb

    I agree, you can never say I love you to anyone too much! When my sons were younger, I would always write them a note when I pack their lunch. Now they don’t bring lunch to school anymore. But I send them an ecard every now and then to surprise them and give them words of encouragement. It is important to show our love to our family. Good job, MB!

  5. Thank you for sharing your love notes. You are such loving care and so wonderful to Chloe. She will grow up and appreciate you more than words can say! 🙂

  6. Doris

    that’s really sweet! my son is 4 months old and I hug, hold and kiss him a lot! I just know being in an Asian family they always say don’t hold your baby too much, you’ll spoil them! I disagree because you are right, when they are a teenager, they don’t mommy or daddy all the time, want their friends so enjoy the moments and cherish them while you can!

  7. samnang dul

    That’s so sweet, I wish my mom made me lunches like that. All the kids would be so jealouie

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