This morning while preparing to go back to the store, I thought to myself, i would very much like to go back to work.  Yes, we own our own business.. but helping the “ang moh” is different from going out and earning someone else’s money.  As much as I would love to go out and interact with some “normal” people and having an objective in sales target and so forth..  i once again thought about who is gonna take care of Chloe.  And having not work in a regular and demanding job for the last 10 yrs.. i’m actually wondering if I’m equipped to go back to the workforce.  I also figured that I should do some upgrades now..  like  look into some online degree programs that way i still can be there for Chloe when she is back from school or  be home to put her to bed on time without having to go to school physically.

By opting to go for an online university , I don’t have to worry that I’m leaving Chloe on her own while she is still so young yet I can prepare myself to enter the workforce with an extra degree that my future employer will value.   Doing my degree online also allows me the flexibility to plan my time accordingly and fit them around Chloe’s many activities and those of the store’s.   I love the fact that tuition on these online courses are affordable  because you and I know that raising a kid is not cheap and cost effectiveness is one thing I learn from being a mom.  Moms  like me raring to going back to the workforce can make their dreams come true now, but discipline and having strong family support as well as a reputable school is important.  What is your take on upgrading oneself..?


  1. hallen

    omgosh mama bok! are you back on for the showing? >.< im just curious, which website are u using to find all the episodes?! i keep looking…and i have yet to find the newer episodes of beyond the realm of conscience. anyways, i hope online college will help ya =]

    happy holidays!


  2. Pk

    Hi Mamabok,

    Do u think I can pls have the password for Beyond the Realm of Conscience episode 30 & 31? Thanks.

    Also what is the website address to get in?

  3. kimberly

    mama…i dun have a degree as well….and also thinking of getting one..obtain it online need to have alot self discipline….means…can’t spend most of time watch movie liao..hahaha …another thing is…it seems like 99.9% of the ppl in the street have degree or even higher…seems like nothing special liao…i was thinking of getting something special like…languages…..what u think?

  4. yes mb! I wholeheartedly agree. I have always wanted to go back to school and get a degree myself, and admire those that have taken the extra step to do so. It is very wise of you to choose an online university, that way you can keep up your studies without losing time with Chloe! I wish you lots of luck on this endeavor!

  5. Cynthia

    I’m desperately looking for ep 30-31. It seems like you’re the only one who has access to it. Would you be able to send me info to access it? Share with your fellow drama addicts!

    Thanks!! 🙂

  6. snow

    I support your decision MB. I went back being a student after working some time. It was really refreshing. Plus, online degree would enable you to be there for Chloe as well as save up on accommodation and transportation cost. All the best to you!!!

  7. Mei

    Good luck MB, it will definitely take you a lot of self discipline! What degree are you thinking of taking?

  8. Lina

    Hi all, pls give me time on the pw thingy yeah…been Xtremely busy lately, no time even to chat with MB online…hor Mb? Pls be patience pls…thx!!


  9. chris

    Yes, it is good to “upgrade” ourselves. However, I strongly feel a mom’s priority is still the family, upbringing the kids. I do have a degree and held a very high income job once upon a time. “So what”, I finally have to give up my job and be a stay home mom with zero income. It was tough but I find it very rewarding even though we have to stay on a budget. Good luck to you. Rgds/Happy holiday!!!

  10. Pat

    i’m sure upgrading oneself is great but are jobs easy to come by for women with paper qualifications but out of touch with the working world cos they had to stay home while kids were growing up… guess that won’t be yr case MB as you’ve been running yr own business all this while.

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