Nachos Supreme was the only thing i could eat when i was pregnant with Chloe .. but these days.. i eat it maybe.. once in every 3 months.  It’s mostly as an appetizer or something to fill me up.. when i’m in between meals.. and gets hungry..and have nothing else to eat.. because i don’t eat cakes.. or ice cream.  This is gotten from KFC .. and sometimes.. it’s pretty good.. and other times.. well, soggy.  What about you ..?? do you like Nachos Supreme..?? oh btw.. it’s pretty cheap.. i think less than $3 here in Canada.


  1. jen

    I hafn’t had this for quite awhile. i used to order it from taco bell! i find it too heavy myselfff ar =)

  2. kokoro

    Looks yummy and very cheap too at less than $3 in Canada. I’ve not had Nachos for a while….mmmnnn..maybe I should go get some right now. Drool…drool…

  3. Jerry

    I love Nacho Supreme with extra sour cream. It is only 99 cents in the states. It is one of my college staples and I agree that it can get soggy when you don’t consume it right away. I really miss the chilly cheese burrito-they discontinued that one but again with sour cream and a bit of green onions makes for the best combination of sorts. Unfortunately Taco Bell has become Toxic Bell as we age…toxic for our bodies 🙂

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