I have to strongly recommend this to diabetic.. because it didn’t taste too sweet to me.. and i’m totally in love with it.  Plus it is pomegranate .. something that i grow up with.   But a check with Tim’s nutritional calculator showed that the sugar was only 13 grams..  but the calories were like 300 *pengz*!  This is a new and seasonal item i think  …from Tim’s.. and they come with a Pomegranate White tea.. but i’ve yet to try the tea.   I  think i can definitely eat it for a tea break in the afternoon.. but the calories..  eeewwwkkk..!!! that irks me a lot..  but i guess once a week.. or even once every 10 days.. should be alright eh..?? indulge a little lor..  🙂


  1. Susane

    What an awsome and thoughful idea of yours for adding little notes inside the launch bags ……. will def. try this thoughful idea out. Anyhow .. gotta run to feed my kids now …. see you later and hope you are able to send my my password for the chinese series soon !! Can’t wait to get started !!! Thanks a bunch, xoxoxoxo

  2. Shirley Loo

    Pomegranate is good for women … sum more got pomegranate tea!!! drink more drink more 😉 wonder how it will taste huh???

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