Like i’ve always said, we are definitely blessed with so many good online friends… and Barb is a long time friend of mine.. who gives unconditionally – not only gifts of food but gifts of kindness and understanding.  Gift of encouragement and a gift to say nothing .. but lent a listening ear – these gifts of hers is priceless.


A month and a half ago, Barb sent thru’ her brother in law who was home visiting ..  a huge package – thanks to the brother-in-law (Michael)  .. for his willingness to carry it all the way back from Malaysia.


We waited for Chloe to come back from school to let her open it because it was under her name.  We are trying to train Chloe about respecting ppl’s space and privacy.  She was so excited to receive any packages.. and we are grateful for them.


Of  course, Barb remembered to send food to me ..  curry laksa that i had eaten right away.  And a lucky cat charm for the “ang moh” .. he said thank you to you .. Barb.. very thoughtful he said you are.


And lots of clothes for Chloe and stickers.


A Dora book that chloe was so excited about.


The lucky cat wind chime for the store that Chloe had to see first.


Lots of clothings for Chloe


A wee too bit yet.. but donch worry .. Chloe will grow into it for sure.


More clothings..  no need to buy clothes for the kid already lah.. hahahha!!


A strawberry shortcake dress for the summer – she loves this .. Barb!


This one is my favorite.. reminds me .. when i was young.


Hair bands, sticker books and Hello Kitty magnets for Chloe


This one is by far Chloe’s favorite – Barb.  Thank you so much for everything.. you are too kind to us.  We are forever indebted to you.


  1. Mei

    Wow, talk about one package with all those clothes, accessories and goodies! Barb, you’ve done a great job to put it all in one la.

    Lucky Chloe has love from all over the world!

  2. Chloe looks so adorable in those summer dresses, she sure knows how to pose for the camera,too cute! 🙂 She is so blessed with all the wonderful kai Ma and Aunties whom love her very much! 🙂

  3. Lina

    Mei, this special package for Chloe can ‘mulitply’ or ‘grow’ on its own, u dont know huh? LOL
    Nice stuff! Chloe must be thrilled hor? 😛

  4. Glad Chloe likes the stuff 😀 The clothes really look too big huh? Maybe she can wear them next year 😀 Ashley picked out all the accessories for Chloe 😀 Have you eaten the wasabi peas?

  5. kokoro

    Woo..hoo..more pressies for little darling Chloe! She is truly one very lucky lass! I like her in that little white cardigan in the bottom pic! She is so gorgeous, MB!

  6. Uj

    Unrelated to this post: Hi MB and other viewers of Off Pedder, just heard this news this morning on the radio on my way to work – Veteran Hong Kong actor Chan Hung Lit dies?. I didn’t know who is this, until i checked the news on web. I think he’s the actor of the BIG BOSS in OFF PEDDER, “Yim Hei” 🙁 Sigh, life is so unpredictable. A min ago he’s still acting, and then suddenly heart attack and left this world. Just to let u all know la.

    p/s: Side note, I wonder what would happen to the story of the series.

  7. jen

    awww lucky chloe!

    i hafnt wrote here for quite awhile. been busy w/ coop & going home more lately!! hope everything goes well with you MB & your family!!

  8. I also heard the sad new today too. They said he died of sudden chest pains and fell into a coma while waiting to tape an episode of “Off Pedder” in TVB City. He was transported by ambulance to the emergency ward of Tseung Kwan O Hospital, where he died at the age of 66. We all will miss him dearly. 🙁

  9. Doris

    chloe is a cute model! i love the polka dot shirt! i’d wear it if they had it in my size ..haha… and yes, very sad about Yim Hei in off Pedder…

  10. Uj

    ah, so many ppl watching Off Pedder also ah. I din know, coz most of my frens dun follow that series.. and i tot it was only me watching it in this community here. Ya, wonder whether they’ll change the original story due to this.

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