It’s getting colder every day and it will be colder from now on and i find comfort in a bowl of red bean with white nut and some sago .. to give the red bean soup some body.  My mother used to cook this soup for us.. but without the sago.. so it is a very thin soup.. and i didn’t really liked it then.  I don’t use much sugar in mine … because i’m diabetic and since no one drinks the dessert or eat them.. i have a whole pot to myself.  And by the way.. many of you have asked what kind of  digital cameras i used for my photo taking for the food i post up .. and some wonder if i have a good cell phone that does the picture .. since i need to whip it out wherever i am.


Truth be told even before the food blog .. i take pictures of everything.  I think it has to do with traveling a lot .. before coming to Canada.  And I no shame oneeee.. hhahahaha!!  i just do whatever i think i want.. muahhahaha!!!   but yes.. i used a Canon SD 1100 – that the “ang moh” got from his airmiles. I also like Chng Teng for dessert and bor bor cha char .. and the jelly thingie too.. but of course..  cannot get here lah.. so beggars can’t be choosers right..??  so i just cook whatever i can find ingredients for.  Oh ..!! and i missed tau huay most..!!  and i would just about pay anything for a bowl of tau huay.


  1. Princess

    red bean soup is so good and healthy. By the way, what is white nut you mentioned in your red bean soup?

  2. Lina

    Eh Jan, try Green Bean soup next time round 😛 Or better still, ‘hak lau mai chok’ put in some sago…yummy 🙂

  3. Michele

    YUM, that is good stuff! But I agree with Lina, green bean soup is just as good. I like mine cold though.

  4. soofen

    super red bean soup~haven’t had my dinner and when I see the images of the red bean soup, strangely I felt as if I am having it… nice and warm

  5. kokoro

    My favourite red bean soup! Yummy! MB, do you add in a one or two slices of dried mandarin peel to your pot of red been soup?

  6. ilovetvb

    I like to mix red bean with green bean and a little bit of rice and a piece of tangerine peel. I do not like to add a lot of brown sugar to it. I think I will make some tonight.

  7. tinki

    I love the red bean dessert but only the liquid and not the left over beans. the picture looks good. It’s making me want some and it’s good for womens health (blood Flow). -Tinki

  8. keen

    Red bean and green beans are nice but once in a while I mix the 2 beans and use “gula Melaka” instead of sugar. It is yummy too!

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