Sunday Lunch

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Sunday lunch is usually a quick affair for us.. at home.  We try to eat out.. but knowing that Chloe is quite fussy with what she eats.. it would really be a waste of money.. to eat out.  So we now end up cooking wholesome and fresh mashed potatoes.. with fresh ham.. and corn.


It’s easy .. quick.. .and nutritious .. and what’s best is she loves it.. chomps it down. And for me.. Sunday lunch means.. “ang moh” does the cooking.. i need not do anything.. except for dinner but i still gotta do the dishes.. bummer..!

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  1. Comment by Frances — November 11, 2009 @ 9:36 pm

    Sunday meals in our home are simple. Because we wake up late for sunday morning, we usually skip breakfast at home and go out for chinese dim sum or won ton noodle restaurant for lunch. Kids are usually fussy eaters when they are young… but they will become better eaters as they grow up. Hang in there Jan! :)

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