You all know I’m not a big fan of cakes or desserts or anything sweet.. but sometimes.. the ang moh likes them.. and chloe loves the chocolate glazed ones..  but she only eats at the most 3 timbits.   But there is one .. the honey glazed one that.. taste a little like the ones we get back home.. that one can dipped into your black coffee and enjoy (i just found that out the other day) ..so I get them.. for myself.. and eat one or two of it.


Timbits are small donuts.. and they are not only meant for children.. but for adults too.  For 10 of these.. it cost like 2 bucks.  or 15 cents eat or 20 cents i think.   We don’t really eat it a lot .. but sometimes.. when you got nothing else to eat.. no variety .. like in singapore.. you got no choice lor hor.  But for those .. who likes donuts..  you won’t be too, too disappointed.. but nothing like Krispy Kreme lah.


  1. kokoro

    Timbits sound yummy! We don’t have these donuts here but we do have Krispy Kreme donuts and they’re scrumptious with a cup of coffee too!

  2. Jennie

    Timbits are good when you need a sugar dose, but I find them overcoated with the sugar glazed. After eating them so many years, my trips to the dentist has numbered and my pockets tend to lighter than before. =P

  3. Cutie Pie

    Oh timbits! I missed them so much. I hate donuts but I loved eating these. weird! haha
    p.s. can i have the pw plz 🙂

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