We had a quick lunch at Zellers Diner on Sunday – and you would think that at 2pm.. and the restaurant pretty much empty .. with only a few tables.. 2 waitresses .. and one cook – you should probably get your order taken.. fairly quickly.  But nope..  one of the waitress had left a few tables dirty.. and had gone back behind the counter to take a few sips of drinks..  in the few trip she made up and down .. i don’t know doing what .. before she got to us.  It was a good 15 mins … before she got to us with the menu.  I didn’t dare ask about the   free directory coz’ i don’t even know if she knows anything about it.


We ordered a platter to share.. but there were more decorative greens than food.. hahahah!!! but at $12.99 .. can’t really ask for a lot lah.  It was with onion rings, sweet potatoes, a crab cake, some mozarella sticks  and 2 chicken fingers.  If you are wondering where the food was .. i had forgotten to take pictures.. coz’ we were already so hungry.


Yes..! the lil’ brat of mine.. not wanting to eat her food at all.


What is she having.. baked sweet potatoes and a chicken finger.. and nope.. she refuses to eat the sweet potatoes.. and ate a bit of the chicken fingers.  And here we thought .. we didn’t have to carry food with us.. when she is older..  but she is still doing the same thing ..  *sigh*.


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