Happy New Year ! 2010

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Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

May 2010 bring you much joy,  good health,

time to spend with your loved ones!

May your table be abundantly filled with good food, laughter,

good company and love all year round.

Thank you for being my friend, thank you for your support and all the goodies all of you have sent throughout the year.   Thank you for your unconditional love for Chloe.  I am truly  humbled by your kindness, thoughtfulness  and your generosity.

Leftover Queen I Am

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Yes..! i told you .. i eat all the leftovers, usually we can’t finished the food we ordered.. so i keep them . .and have them for lunch or dinner the next day.   The sambal scallops were from last nite . .and the rice and broccoli and ribs were from the morning lunch.  I’m truly the leftover Queen am i not..?  hahaha!!

Leftovers Are Mom’s Diet

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food Review,Seafood | Wednesday 30 December 2009 7:49 pm


Raise  your hands.. for moms who eats leftovers ..  from yesterday.. and the day before.. and sometimes.. a few days ago.  Yes.. you and I know.. we do a lot of leftovers – after all, the fresh food has gotta go to our lil’ brats eh.  *nod*  – i know you know what i’m talking about.  So yes, these are leftovers from a a day or two lunch – usually the noodles that we get from Mr Zhu’s, we can all eat them. .and still have leftovers – for the brat eats very little … and the “ang moh” eat because he needs to eat.


And these were soup from yesterday.. that Mr Zhu brought over .. he brought 2 bowls of it.. and i only finished one.. and left another for the next day.  What a thrifty lunch eh..?? hehehe!!  nah.. it’s because i hate to waste food, especially knowing so many ppl are starving.   What about you and your leftovers..? do you have a lot..??

Gifts From Auntie Kai Mah

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Food From Home,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing,The Brat | Tuesday 29 December 2009 2:44 pm


Our lil’ brat is the most blessed kid – not only frens from all over the world sends gifts.. for Christmas .. and birthdays..  she also has a very generous Auntie Kai Mah from Singapore – who dotes on her.  I am sure that frens and family here knows all about Kai Mah’s generosity.  This package came before Chloe’s birthday.. but we kept it away from her.. till her real birthday .. and that was on the 19th.  So on the 19th morning.. we took out the presents.. sent all the way from Singapore.. and postage at $90 !!!!!!!!  pengz..!! Even more expensive than my  Orange NJ dental implants that we had helped an extended family with.


3 presents .. carefully wrapped.. and i heard very stylo-malo too.. going to the post office.  Kai Mah’s son .. had to go line up .. while Kai Mah wrapped the present .. and put on the package label .. and Kai Mah’s spouse .. had to drive and parked .. at the post office.


Chloe all excited.. and unwrapping her present.. even before breakfast.


Christmas Turkey

Posted by mamabok | BBQ,Canadian,Food Review,Western | Monday 28 December 2009 1:17 pm


So what did you have for Christmas..??  we had the traditional turkey as you can see.. and ham as well.  Chloe’s grammie had to cook some ham too.. in case the brat wouldn’t eat turkey.  She did try it .. but she ate ham mostly .. with mashed potatoes.. and carrots.  Not overly too much.. but she had some of everything.


This year.. we had no time to get cake, dessert or ice cream..  because we were simply too busy at the store.  Even till the time we were closing.. there were ppl at the store.. buying stuff.  We can’t complained of course.. but it had been a really good Christmas season at the store for us.  We didn’t overstocked..  and the things we had .. were almost all gone for the season.  We had a lot for dinner.. but i still went home to have my spicy noodles.. hahahhaha!! what’s christmas.. without some chinese food eh..??

A Chicken With My Name On It

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It was a Christmas Eve chicken.. and like any Christmas eve.. we knew that the food at the grocery store was going to go quick and fast.  So the day before, we had spoken to the deli staff .. and they had said they were gonna keep on aside for us.


Yes.. they even put the name of our store on it.. and i didn’t even tell them .. what my name is.. hahahhaha!! so you see everyone… it pays to be nice to the service stuff.  Just like at Tim Hortons..  whenever they have mushroom soup.. they make sure to tell me.. when they see me .. during coffee time in the morning.  Yes..! i’m darn grateful to these girls.. because without them..  we wouldn’t have had chicken to eat .. on Christmas eve – for that was seriously the last chicken in the deli area.

PS :  We knew we wouldn’t be able to finish the chicken.. so we made chicken salad with it .. it was darn yummy..!!!  The ones that i had .. i put in some cayenne pepper, sure made it looked prettier.. and also spicier..  :)

Chef @ Work On Christmas

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,The Brat | Friday 25 December 2009 12:12 pm


Christmas Day came .. but before going to Grammie’s and Grampie’s for dinner, we had to have a little lunch right..?? and guess who is making lunch?  Chef Boyadee..??  nope..  !! hhahaha!!!  Chef Chloe is in the kitchen.. and so she is doing all the cooking for the day.  She was making pasta for us.. and very happy about it.


See .. she is pretty good eh..??  and she wasn’t gonna let the hot water get to her either.   Very carefully .. she put the pasta into the boiling water.. but we made sure she understood how to do it.. because we showed her how to do it first.


Mission accomplished..  !  lunch is almost ready – just 10 minutes.. and we can all eat.

Christmas Eve @ Store

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,My Musing,The Brat,The Other Half,Western | Thursday 24 December 2009 12:02 pm


Christmas eve only means we have to open the store for less hours.  But this year, we opened an hour later than usual… because we had to finish shopping for Christmas.  We woke up early and left the house at 9.30am.. and got all our shopping done by 11.30am – FINALLY!  timing was great.. and the brat was well-behaved.. and didn’t fussed at all during the shopping time.   We even managed to get a gift for Chloe’s Kai Mah from Swaroski at Crescent’s Jewellery.   And lunch was for Macdonald’s .. at the store of course.. but the brat wants to eat it in her Spaceship.. that she and “ang moh” made together.


After lunch, “ang moh” went out to get the last of the groceries for Christmas.. because it would be a few days before any stores will be opened.  And what did the brat do..?? homework.. learning to spell and recognized the spellings of her colors.  And yes – we survived Christmas.. without any help.. but lots of friends.. who came by the store.. either to help with playing with Chloe or looking out the store for us.   We are indeed and truly blessed this year – we got all our gifts out for our friends and customers before Christmas Eve – this year.. i slack in the online and overseas frens department – but i know they will understand.

Little Chef Gift From Rachel & CY

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Wednesday 23 December 2009 2:52 pm


Once again, I cannot stressed how blessed we are ..  this gift came all the way from UK .. from dear Rachel and CY.  Yes..!! we got frens from UK too..  :)  you see how blessed we are.  Like Shirley from Malaysia, this gift came before Chloe’s birthday.. and once again..  i’m sorry i was so caught up with chloe and the store, I didn’t thank both of you properly.. but entrusted Lina to do so.  Like any good Kai Mah – Lina took upon herself.. to thank everyone for us.  Forever grateful to Lina too lah..!


Chloe is such an expert now with opening packages.. she told me.. she didn’t need any help.. hahahah!!!  you all spoiled her thoroughly.


She didn’t take too long to open this package up either..   because she was excited.. receiving one gift after another .. for her birthday.


Christmas Goodies From Shirley

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Food From Home,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Tuesday 22 December 2009 2:29 pm


We are truly blessed with kind friends from all over the world.  This package was received before Chloe’s birthday from Shirley and Baby Kyle from Malaysia.  I’m sorry .. Shirley for taking so long to post this up .. and to thank you personally but I had been overwhelmed with taking care of Chloe and her new school, and I know you will understand.


A very thoughtful message from Shirley.


And lots of food from home – thank you very much again .. Shirley..!


Christmas Goodies From Macy

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Monday 21 December 2009 1:49 pm


I cannot say this enough .. about how this blog has brought me so many kind friends from all over the world.  And Macy from the other side of Canada – Vancouver has been one of the kindest and most generous friend I’ve known.  I truly cannot express how grateful i am for her friendship.  And here she is sending us Christmas goodies.. thru’ FEDEX some more, i bet she knows how much we love food.. but of course, the ang moh loves his electrical supplies more but this goodies, he couldn’t resist.


An awesome package from Thomas Haas !!!!  for those who don’t know who Thomas Haas is .. they specializes in sweet delicacies ranging from fine handmade chocolates, delicious chocolate bars, and delicate fruit jellies to beautiful wedding cakes.



Huge Thank You From Chloe’s School

Posted by mamabok | Around The World,Awesome,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Friday 18 December 2009 1:46 pm


In October this year, many of you kind ppl had donated to the fundraiser for Chloe’s school by buying the angels.  Some had generously requested not to have the angel but to donate the entire amount to Chloe’s school.  We had gone back to the school with the extra money and asked how we can donate the money.  The principal had suggested that we use the money for buying a LCD projector for the school instead of giving them the money.


So a month ago, we went hunting for a LCD projector and with your generosity, we were able to find one at our price range to donate to the school.   The school had sent us a card to thank us for it – therefore, we would like to share this thank you card with all of your kind folks out there – you know who you are. Macy, Barb, Auntie Kai Mah Lina, Auntie Alice and Auntie Katie.


And for those who haven’t contacted me with your address, please do so – so i can mail them out to you all.  Thank you very, very much for your generosity.  On the same note – during the year – whereby some have bought me a cup of coffee – a total of $332 was collected – we are donating this to Menu For Hope – a very meaningful and in line with my food blog in support of the UN World Food Programme.   I chose to do it anonymously because I didn’t wanna win any prizes as  it wouldn’t be fair if i won them right..??  But for those who had bought me a cup of coffee thru’ out the year – i’m pretty sure good karma will come to all of you…! and again..! i thank you from the bottom of my heart and your friendship is invaluable to me.

I take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !  from Chloe, the Ang Moh and Me.

Wine For Christmas

Posted by mamabok | My Musing,wine | Wednesday 16 December 2009 9:52 am


Every year we buy quite a few bottles of wine for our customers/friends of the store and this year we did the same too.   So last week  – on Sunday while doing some shopping we headed off  to get some wine from the liquor store.  Got some fruity wine – i prefer sweet ones – so i got sweet ones for my customers/friends – they weren’t so expensive except for the bottle of vodka.  I think wine is a good gift – not only for Christmas but for most occasions – you can’t really go wrong with a bottle of wine eh.  What about you ..?? what kinda wine do you like..??  i do have a list .. but some weren’t available here.  And donch forget to buy recyclable bags for your bottles of wine – we bought as many as the bottles of wine we bought.

Fruit Basket For School

Posted by mamabok | Fruits | Tuesday 15 December 2009 9:09 am


Christmas is round the corner and after thinking for a long time as to what to get Chloe’s teacher, her principal had suggested a fruit basket.  So off we went looking for some – but the ones that were sold here locally were so ex .. and looked so el cheapo !  so the “ang moh ” and i decided to do our own fruit basket.  Afterall, how hard is it right..??


Of course, Chloe had to help – since it is for her teachers eh..!  We bought the basket on Saturday last week but Chloe came down with a cold … so we had to store them away .. and only bought the fruits today.  But the chocolates and candy cakes and hot chocolate .. were bought on Sunday.  So after her bath and she was feeling better today, we set out to do the fruit basket.


Leftover For Dinner

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,My Musing | Monday 14 December 2009 9:02 am


When you are the only one eating a certain food, you tend to get a lot of leftover.  So i had fried rice and the broccoli  with leftover honey ribs from yesterday and cooked some fresh scallops with sambal tumis from Barb.   I love my sambal a lot .. and wanna eat all of them.. all at once.. but gotta eat sparingly .. very precious ma.. kkekekeke!! the sambal i meant.. not the scallops.

Julie & Grant’s Hawaii Wedding

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Sunday 13 December 2009 8:09 pm


Remember Julie from Hawaii … ??  Yes..  the one who also sent me gifts and a soft toy to Chloe ?  Yes.. ! really got “heart” .. and once again .. i cannot stress how this blog has brought me so many priceless friendship.  No.. not because they send me gifts.. but because they are constantly giving encouragement .. and always lift up my spirit when i am missing home.  Of course, they send me lots of food too .. without me asking.  I’m forever grateful for their friendship.. like Julie’s.  I’m so honored to be able to share some of her wedding pictures with all of you.  Thank you .. Julie..!


A very beautiful bride.


Ice Hockey Birthday Cake

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,My Musing,Parties,The Brat,Useful Links | Saturday 12 December 2009 6:20 pm


For those who are not aware of this..  when we talk about hockey in Canada.. it is ice hockey.  The “ang moh” told me.. that there is no other way to play it in Canada – unlike back home, where you can play them on a field full of grass or in the basketball court.  Yes ! i was in the hockey team back home – the ones we played at the vacation house during a holiday some few years ago.

Canadians, especially the boys here are very into hockey – i know of someone who would do anything .. just be with those hockey boys .. hahhaha!!! But our friend’s kid – also is in love with hockey .. and obviously, during his birthday.. he wanted a ice hockey birthday cake.  Nice right..??  very ..! chloe enjoyed the cake so much .. and the birthday as well.  Thank you for having us.

Tis’ The Season For Chocolates

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,My Musing,The Other Half | Thursday 10 December 2009 12:43 am


Yes… it is that time of the year to start giving and receiving chocolates. They looked awesome.. but i don’t crave for them.  Lucky me eh..!  anyhow..  we always give chocolates to our neighbours around our stores.. and friends of the store.  And we do receive some too.. during Christmas.   I missed the ones from our old landlord.. the new one.. well, lets just say .. he is a scrooge in my books – making so much money.. yet never once gave us anything in return… hahhahaha!!!  they say the “ang moh” donch know how to do human .. hahhahaha!!  “joe yan” .. hhahahha!!!  anyhow.. i hope you received lots of chocolates and candies.. to share and bring home to your loved ones too.

Gourmet Maple Ham

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Food Review,Health,My Musing | Wednesday 9 December 2009 12:37 am


I had been dying to try this ham for a long time now.. but was apprehensive because of the word .. “MAPLE”.  Being a diabetic.. you know that i have to stay away from anything sweet.. if possible.  Not entirely .. but as much as possible.  Anyhow… we know the deli manager – Susan.. and she is such an asset to Sobeys.. because she is very accommodating.  Knowing that I have diabetes.. and that the “ang moh” and brat doesn’t eat a lot of meat.. she let me buy only half a ham instead of the whole ham.  So it was at $4.50 instead of $8.99.  The ham didn’t disappoint .. unfortunately .. chloe didn’t like the taste of maple syrup – what a bummer..!  If you are in Canada.. try the maple gourmet ham.. they are delicious..!

Chloe’s Christmas Concert

Posted by mamabok | The Brat | Tuesday 8 December 2009 1:34 am

Chloe had her first Christmas concert at her school – they had practiced for this song for a few weeks now.. and I was definitely proud of her.. looked how she loved the claps.. after the performance.  Everything went well, except at the end.. of the concert.. they let the kids go.. rushed to the door.. without waiting for individual parents to pick them up.  I can understand the older kids doesn’t need supervision.. but the younger kids.. i was hoping they would be more careful.  By the time, we got to Chloe .. she was already in tears.. coz’ she thought she had lost us.. and i panic too when i didn’t find her with her teachers.

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