Leftovers Are Mom’s Diet

Raise  your hands.. for moms who eats leftovers ..  from yesterday.. and the day before.. and sometimes.. a few days ago.  Yes.. you and I know.. we do a lot of leftovers – after all, the fresh food has gotta go to our lil’ brats eh.  *nod*  – i know you know what i’m talking … [Read more…]

Christmas Turkey

So what did you have for Christmas..??  we had the traditional turkey as you can see.. and ham as well.  Chloe’s grammie had to cook some ham too.. in case the brat wouldn’t eat turkey.  She did try it .. but she ate ham mostly .. with mashed potatoes.. and carrots.  Not overly too much.. … [Read more…]

Wine For Christmas

Every year we buy quite a few bottles of wine for our customers/friends of the store and this year we did the same too.   So last week  – on Sunday while doing some shopping we headed off  to get some wine from the liquor store.  Got some fruity wine – i prefer sweet ones – … [Read more…]

Fruit Basket For School

Christmas is round the corner and after thinking for a long time as to what to get Chloe’s teacher, her principal had suggested a fruit basket.  So off we went looking for some – but the ones that were sold here locally were so ex .. and looked so el cheapo !  so the “ang … [Read more…]

Leftover For Dinner

When you are the only one eating a certain food, you tend to get a lot of leftover.  So i had fried rice and the broccoli  with leftover honey ribs from yesterday and cooked some fresh scallops with sambal tumis from Barb.   I love my sambal a lot .. and wanna eat all of them.. … [Read more…]

Gourmet Maple Ham

I had been dying to try this ham for a long time now.. but was apprehensive because of the word .. “MAPLE”.  Being a diabetic.. you know that i have to stay away from anything sweet.. if possible.  Not entirely .. but as much as possible.  Anyhow… we know the deli manager – Susan.. and … [Read more…]

Chloe’s Christmas Concert

Chloe had her first Christmas concert at her school – they had practiced for this song for a few weeks now.. and I was definitely proud of her.. looked how she loved the claps.. after the performance.  Everything went well, except at the end.. of the concert.. they let the kids go.. rushed to the … [Read more…]