It was a Christmas Eve chicken.. and like any Christmas eve.. we knew that the food at the grocery store was going to go quick and fast.  So the day before, we had spoken to the deli staff .. and they had said they were gonna keep on aside for us.


Yes.. they even put the name of our store on it.. and i didn’t even tell them .. what my name is.. hahahhaha!! so you see everyone… it pays to be nice to the service stuff.  Just like at Tim Hortons..  whenever they have mushroom soup.. they make sure to tell me.. when they see me .. during coffee time in the morning.  Yes..! i’m darn grateful to these girls.. because without them..  we wouldn’t have had chicken to eat .. on Christmas eve – for that was seriously the last chicken in the deli area.

PS :  We knew we wouldn’t be able to finish the chicken.. so we made chicken salad with it .. it was darn yummy..!!!  The ones that i had .. i put in some cayenne pepper, sure made it looked prettier.. and also spicier..  🙂

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