Christmas Day came .. but before going to Grammie’s and Grampie’s for dinner, we had to have a little lunch right..?? and guess who is making lunch?  Chef Boyadee..??  nope..  !! hhahaha!!!  Chef Chloe is in the kitchen.. and so she is doing all the cooking for the day.  She was making pasta for us.. and very happy about it.


See .. she is pretty good eh..??  and she wasn’t gonna let the hot water get to her either.   Very carefully .. she put the pasta into the boiling water.. but we made sure she understood how to do it.. because we showed her how to do it first.


Mission accomplished..  !  lunch is almost ready – just 10 minutes.. and we can all eat.


  1. Macy

    Way to go Chloe. I’m sure the pasta tasted very yummy! PB and Jan so lucky..Chloe could be a future “Giada de Laurentiis”!

  2. kokoro

    Clever little Chloe indeed! It is never too early to teach her how to cook and clean and do the other housechores. Chloe will be a domestic goddess in no time! Good training for her, MB!

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