We are truly blessed with kind friends from all over the world.  This package was received before Chloe’s birthday from Shirley and Baby Kyle from Malaysia.  I’m sorry .. Shirley for taking so long to post this up .. and to thank you personally but I had been overwhelmed with taking care of Chloe and her new school, and I know you will understand.


A very thoughtful message from Shirley.


And lots of food from home – thank you very much again .. Shirley..!


And gifts for Chloe from Burberry.  Chloe loves her dresses and thank Auntie Shirley and Baby Kyle for it.


And another dress that fits Chloe perfectly.  Thank you very much, Shirley..!  we are very thankful for the gifts..  but you really didn’t have to.  We are grateful to have friends.. and you all donch have to send us anything.. really, really.  We appreciate your unconditional  friendship – even without any gifts.


  1. Macy

    Chloe is one lucky girl. Very nice dresses!
    Jan,we are all very blessed to have you and your family in our lives.

  2. Lina

    Whooh wow…lotsa goodies & nice dresses too! (shirley’s writing nice hor? i very shy coz mine sux! malu!! )

  3. shirleyloo

    fiiuuuh…lucky they all arrived on time (so scared pass lil Chloe bday then no gud loh)… oso glad to know the red dress suits her well, thought it will be too small (kids grow up fast eh)… enjoy the soup, let me know if they r gud 😉 we cant thank you enuf for all ur hardworks MB, this is just a mere goodwill we could do lah… 😉

    psst…Lina, no need to malu leh … handwriting nice no use de lah.. ;-D

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