So what did you have for Christmas..??  we had the traditional turkey as you can see.. and ham as well.  Chloe’s grammie had to cook some ham too.. in case the brat wouldn’t eat turkey.  She did try it .. but she ate ham mostly .. with mashed potatoes.. and carrots.  Not overly too much.. but she had some of everything.


This year.. we had no time to get cake, dessert or ice cream..  because we were simply too busy at the store.  Even till the time we were closing.. there were ppl at the store.. buying stuff.  We can’t complained of course.. but it had been a really good Christmas season at the store for us.  We didn’t overstocked..  and the things we had .. were almost all gone for the season.  We had a lot for dinner.. but i still went home to have my spicy noodles.. hahahhaha!! what’s christmas.. without some chinese food eh..??


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