Christmas is round the corner and after thinking for a long time as to what to get Chloe’s teacher, her principal had suggested a fruit basket.  So off we went looking for some – but the ones that were sold here locally were so ex .. and looked so el cheapo !  so the “ang moh ” and i decided to do our own fruit basket.  Afterall, how hard is it right..??


Of course, Chloe had to help – since it is for her teachers eh..!  We bought the basket on Saturday last week but Chloe came down with a cold … so we had to store them away .. and only bought the fruits today.  But the chocolates and candy cakes and hot chocolate .. were bought on Sunday.  So after her bath and she was feeling better today, we set out to do the fruit basket.


Chloe can’t decide which bow to use  .. a pink one or a blue one.. and finally after many deliberation, she decided on a pink one.


There we have the fruit basket all wrapped up with curly ties – the “ang moh”  twirl the ribbon with a scissor – i just sat and watch – muahhahaha!!


Chloe quite happy with herself and her fruit basket here.


So yes, here is the end product – what you think..?? can change profession no..??  kekeke!!


  1. ilovetvb

    wow, you did a great job! kudos to you. It was a great idea to do a fruit basket. I am sure the teacher will love it.

  2. kokoro

    Great looking hamper you’ve got there, MB! Well done and I am sure Chloe’s teacher would appreciate this fruit basket very much.

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