I had been dying to try this ham for a long time now.. but was apprehensive because of the word .. “MAPLE”.  Being a diabetic.. you know that i have to stay away from anything sweet.. if possible.  Not entirely .. but as much as possible.  Anyhow… we know the deli manager – Susan.. and she is such an asset to Sobeys.. because she is very accommodating.  Knowing that I have diabetes.. and that the “ang moh” and brat doesn’t eat a lot of meat.. she let me buy only half a ham instead of the whole ham.  So it was at $4.50 instead of $8.99.  The ham didn’t disappoint .. unfortunately .. chloe didn’t like the taste of maple syrup – what a bummer..!  If you are in Canada.. try the maple gourmet ham.. they are delicious..!


  1. ilovetvb

    I love ham and always make it around the holidays. I make mine with brown sugar and cinnamon. I am sure maple syrup is just good if not better. I’ll try it next time.

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