Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

May 2010 bring you much joy,  good health,

time to spend with your loved ones!

May your table be abundantly filled with good food, laughter,

good company and love all year round.

Thank you for being my friend, thank you for your support and all the goodies all of you have sent throughout the year.   Thank you for your unconditional love for Chloe.  I am truly  humbled by your kindness, thoughtfulness  and your generosity.


  1. kokoro

    Dear MB and family

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. May the new year brings you blessings of peace, joy, happiness and good health all year through.

    Thank you for keeping us entertained for the past years with so many wonderful videos series and movies. Your tireless efforts are always deeply appreciated. I can never thank you enough for your kindness and generosity in sharing these videos.

    It is a joy to follow the activities of your family through your posts here on your website. It is a great priviledge that you have given us. Thank you, thank you!

  2. frances

    Happy New Year to everyone! especially to mb & family; Lina & family! Thank you for everything your two have done for us here to enjoy so many wonderful videos. May this New Year 2010 bring everyone good health, happiness & properity in business! 🙂

  3. Michele

    Happy New Year, MB! Hope the new year brings much happiness, health and prosperity to you and your family!

  4. soofen

    Happy New Year~! May 2010 another year of happiness and joy of life for everyone~May there be only good memories remembered from the past and welcoming only the good from then…

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