For those who are not aware of this..  when we talk about hockey in Canada.. it is ice hockey.  The “ang moh” told me.. that there is no other way to play it in Canada – unlike back home, where you can play them on a field full of grass or in the basketball court.  Yes ! i was in the hockey team back home – the ones we played at the vacation house during a holiday some few years ago.

Canadians, especially the boys here are very into hockey – i know of someone who would do anything .. just be with those hockey boys .. hahhaha!!! But our friend’s kid – also is in love with hockey .. and obviously, during his birthday.. he wanted a ice hockey birthday cake.  Nice right..??  very ..! chloe enjoyed the cake so much .. and the birthday as well.  Thank you for having us.


  1. Cutie Pie

    I was at a leafs game last week! Too bad they lost but it was still good to see my home team away from home. GO LEAFS GO! 🙂

  2. soofen

    Aww~bless him~
    I used to watch ice hockey games(on tv) with my father and thought it’s a hard game to play but when you loves something – nothing could stop you!

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