When you are the only one eating a certain food, you tend to get a lot of leftover.  So i had fried rice and the broccoli  with leftover honey ribs from yesterday and cooked some fresh scallops with sambal tumis from Barb.   I love my sambal a lot .. and wanna eat all of them.. all at once.. but gotta eat sparingly .. very precious ma.. kkekekeke!! the sambal i meant.. not the scallops.


  1. kokoro

    I am a sambal lover too. I could just eat sambal and nasi just like that without any other dishes. MB, your plate of leftovers looked downright tasty! Actually come to think of it, leftovers always taste better.

  2. June

    looking at the sambal made me hungry..yeah sambal is very precious…yumm! I wish i knew how to make my own!

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