Yes..! i told you .. i eat all the leftovers, usually we can’t finished the food we ordered.. so i keep them . .and have them for lunch or dinner the next day.   The sambal scallops were from last nite . .and the rice and broccoli and ribs were from the morning lunch.  I’m truly the leftover Queen am i not..?  hahaha!!


  1. Karen

    Your leftover food look so deliciousooooo, it doesn’t even look like leftover. I want some sambal petai & udang too…

  2. alice kwek

    The sambal scallops looked sooo yummy! I could just have sambal on rice and nothing else! I always try to overcook just so my domestic helper could have them the next day since I only cook on weekends as I have to work on weekdays. I have a strange eating habit, i.e. I put SIN SIN garlic chilli sauce on my porridge, and some sprinkles of pepper! “Crazy” right?!

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