Every year we buy quite a few bottles of wine for our customers/friends of the store and this year we did the same too.   So last week  – on Sunday while doing some shopping we headed off  to get some wine from the liquor store.  Got some fruity wine – i prefer sweet ones – so i got sweet ones for my customers/friends – they weren’t so expensive except for the bottle of vodka.  I think wine is a good gift – not only for Christmas but for most occasions – you can’t really go wrong with a bottle of wine eh.  What about you ..?? what kinda wine do you like..??  i do have a list .. but some weren’t available here.  And donch forget to buy recyclable bags for your bottles of wine – we bought as many as the bottles of wine we bought.

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  1. kokoro

    Personally I like Merlot. It is smooth and a little bit sweet. I agree with you, MB. A bottle of wine makes a good gift for any occasion. Your customers and friends are very lucky people to be receiving these bottles of wine at this time of the year.

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