100 calories coke

The other day I was telling all of you – i was so ashamed of myself  – do you remember..?? Yup ! i bought this coke because they were small than regular cans – and more expensive because i didn’t wanna waste just drinking a sip of it or two.  But even though it said it was only 100 calories – I have to warn those who are diabetic to read the labels/ ingredients like lipozene.  You see the small can of coke still has like 26 grams of sugar – and yes . .that’s a lot..!!

Normally, I don’t mind just 1 or 2 grams of sugar in my food or diet..  and i know better than to open the cans of coke .. but I did.  Nope i didn’t finished it .. i shared it with chloe.. and still had a third of the can left.  But it still doesn’t make me any less guitar.  So yes .. i’m so ashamed of myself for drinking so much pop the other day.


  1. ilovetvb

    wow! That is interesting, never seen one before. Everyone is trying to make 100 calories everything. I agree, you must be careful and read the labels.

  2. kokoro

    MB, have you tried Coke Zero? Zero sugar in that can of coke and it tastes like the real thing and much better than Diet Coke.

    I don’t like fizzy drinks at all.

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