Canadians here goes to Chinese restaurant but not really eating Chinese food used to bother me a lot .. but it goes with the territory like  human growth hormone .  So now I don’t even blink an eye when the “ang moh” orders 5 chicken balls for Chinese food.  I myself have never heard of chicken balls till I came to Canada – when i traveled in the USA, i rarely eat Chinese – i mean afterall, i was traveling to try different food and different cuisine right?

Yes, so if you are in Canada or in USA – Chinese food means chicken balls and egg rolls – what is egg rolls ? well that’s another Canadian Chinese food –  it’s like spring rolls but flat – oh – of course the plum sauce too – can’t eat them without the plum sauce.


  1. ilovetvb

    What about Chicken Chow Mein which is not noodles but chicken with beansprouts and celery with dried noodle pieces. My American friends always ask me to teach them to cook Chinese food like Chicken Chow Mein, General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken, etc. I tell them that I am clueless on how to make “American Chinese food”. They laugh.

  2. Tom

    Chop Suey -> Another so called chinese food! 🙂

    If u go to the Quebec side, they have ‘pate chinose’ (it’s actually shepard’s pie) which is chinese food to them!! Also, macaroni fried with soy sauce is also chinese food to them! Almost faint when the quebecoise told me what they know about chinese food!

  3. frances

    My american friends here love chinese food as in sweet & sour pork, sweet & sour chicken, orange chicken… When they ask my advice where to go for good chinese restaurant? I tell them go to visit the “chinese restaurants” where they see a lot of asian people eating, that is the REAL AUTHENTIC chinese restaurant! 🙂

  4. kokoro

    What about chap suey? Till today, I still don’t know what it is and this dish was actually on a menu in one small Chinese restaurant in a small country town in New South Wales, Australia.

    Your Canadian chicken balls and egg rolls are really interesting! I used to call these dishes ‘MatSalleh’ specialities. My Aussie bro-in-law loves sweet and sour pork along with honey prawns. These two dishes never failed to appear on the dining table whenever we go out to have Chinese with him.

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