Chloe loves her “chinese” noodles but in fact they are instant noodles what we normally called “gong jia mein”.  She would eat it everyday and for every meal if i allowed it.  She would beg and beg and beg for it – and as you all know – chloe had been sick for quite a bit.  She would be well for 1 day .. and then the cold would come back again.   I strongly suspect it was because she haven’t been eating well, since she wants her “Chinese” noodles so much.

As parents we want the best for our kids, like getting them  allergy bedding so she can sleep well if she have sensitive skin.  So we got “kai mah” to tell her that “chinese” noodles is not good for her .. and it might be the cause that she is sick so often.  In which – chloe replied that maybe, we could have a yard sale for the “chinese” noodles  .. muahahah!!  I guess she knows – mama is a yardsale junkie.   But she had been good.. and haven’t asked for “chinese” noodles for a few days now.  And yes, I encouraged her to help me in the kitchen all the time – even though they are small tasks  like getting ketchup and oyster sauce, I still wanna teach her.


  1. Pandora

    I love instant noodles when I was a kid and my parents would tell me how bad they were for you, but I didn’t care. I love the little boy Nissian brand.

  2. frances

    Chloe looks like the little professional chef! it is nice to have little helper around the kitchen and kid can learn the essential skill of cooking with mom together that will sure last a lifetime.:)

  3. Dee

    I love it too! I think children want to take part and feel important too so good that you are letting her participate and be your little helper/assistance in the kitchen! You can tell her she’s your little sweet su chef!

  4. Mei

    Ooo, love noodles way too much.. Should be eaten once in a blue moon, but I eat them often.
    Apparently they fry the noodles beforehand to make them “instant”…
    Chloe will become a super chef soon 🙂

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