It was after Christmas and we were still receiving gifts  – this time from Hawaii !  Look how pleased Chloe was – and cannot wait to open it.  Julie who had just gotten married – took time to send a present not only for Chloe but me as well and what a thoughtful gift.   Yes, a cook book from Hawaii !  she must know how much i love food hehhee!!  Thank you Julie.. ! you are so thoughtful !  I need a  quick weight loss program now – for all the recipes are so yummy.


Chloe just got home from school and didn’t even undress – she needed to open her present immediately.


So nicely wrapped up ..  with a bow.


A Hello Kitty puzzle and a cook book – i couldn’t take a better picture because Chloe was being cheeky and didn’t allow me to take more pictures.  Thank you very much .. Julie..! you are very kind and generous..!


  1. Julie Chang

    Hi Jan & Chloe =) I am so happy that you both like the present.

    Chloe — Did Mommy & Daddy help you put the puzzle together? How did it turn out?

    Jan– Did you get a chance to try out some of the receipt? Have you ever try Hawaiian food before? How do you like it? What is your favorite?


  2. Shirley Loo

    so thoughtful of u Julie 😉 sure lil Chloe will hv lotsa fun with hello kitty puzzle .. n MB, must upload sum hawaiian food when u try them out ya.. didnt know how they look like hehe ..

  3. Mei

    Wah! More Hello Kitty! And it’s a puzzle too! Plus a cookbook! Lucky Chloe and Jan!
    Julie, you are so thoughtful!

  4. bunessa

    i miss you guys and this blog so much!!! =[
    last year of post-secondary and it’s taking over my life!!

    i would like to wish you all a belated merry christmas and happie new year!

    can’t wait till mamabok tries out some of the recipes!!!

  5. keen

    Wow! so sweet of Julie and very thoughtful too. Happy cooking Jan ..I think Hawaiian food should be yummy!

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