So i wanted something sweet during Christmas.. but i wanted something kinda healthy too.  I saw this new thing at the grocery store and thought to myself..  ALMONDS?  NUTS?  nuts is good right..?? so i bought it.  Not very expensive .. about 5 bucks.


So happily .. after Chloe slept.. i opened it to enjoy it..  but alas..! it wasn’t what i expected…!!!  the dates were not the whole date .. it was something mashed together.. and didn’t taste like dates at all.  I had one.. and the rest are currently now sitting inside my fridge .. what a bummer..!!  But at least i tried..  and i now know.. and am now sharing with everyone.


  1. kokoro

    Oh, I’ve not had these dates before, MB. Looks interesting to me but I take it that it isn’t as yummy as it looked hence it is still sitting in the fridge. Do you like nuts, MB? I often buy raw almonds and walnuts, cook them in the microwave or you can stick them in the oven to roast them. They’re great as TV snacks. I munch on them while watching my favourite online videos here on your blog. Give them a try if you’ve not had them before. Walnuts and almonds are good for health and complexion too!

  2. frances

    i love eating nuts, they are so crunchy and good for snacking between meals. I often buy my raw nuts at our neighborhood Trader’s Joe store. They have the best selection of nuts and all. My favorites kind are the packages of cashew nuts; almonds nuts & bits of cranberries mix. They are very healthy and can be quite addicted… 🙂

  3. soofen

    hmm… it’s ashamed not with the whole dates~ imagined it might kind of taste ‘fake’ though… agree with kokoro… this is why it’s still sitting in the fridge… haha that’s what I do always

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