So it was Grammie’s birthday last week or maybe a week and a half ago .. and since we will be at the store that day, I reminded the “ang moh” to go get a cake – not a huge one – since Grammie wasn’t going home after visiting Chloe at the store.   So we waited for Chloe to come home from school – so that she can sing her Grammie a Happy Birthday song .. and blow the candles – because she loves blowing candles.   Everyone ate the cake..and there was like a good half a piece left.  I didn’t eat it .. because i was trying to be good since i had to go for my blood test soon.


  1. ilovetvb

    Love it…so cute. Never seen a small cake decorated so beautifully. I am sure it tasted good also.

  2. frances

    Such a cute little birthday cake. Grammie must be very pleased to have her granddaughter Chloe sang birthday song to her. Happy Birthday Grammie! 🙂

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