10 yrs ago, when i first came to Canada – the “ang moh’s” family and extended ones were really amused that I take pictures of everything i eat and everything i do.  In fact, it had become a part of their life – to let me take pictures first before they even start a meal, to them it’s like me going on treadmills to keep me happy.  But you see not everyone knows what i do online, in fact last week when i was taking pictures of this home made lemon meringue pie made by Aunt Helena – the “ang moh’s” uncle was totally amused and asked me what i do with these pictures.  In which i replied that I make money outta them. HAHAHHA!!  he thought i was joking.


At first, he thought i sold the pictures of the food pictures and then “ang moh” explained to him about my food blog.  Not many of you, know that one can make money online and i’m pleased to inform you that it is not a myth, it is true  – yours truly is one of them.  You don’t have to write “bullshit” like what “ang moh’s” father used to say about me – but if you are passionate about food or just about any niche, you can make money.  Once again, let me warn you that if anyone ask you to pay money upfront to join their “make money online” affiliate program, then you can be sure that you are getting scammed.  I never have to pay to make money and am fortunate that I have great sponsors for various different blogs of mine.  Making money online is not by fluke or luck but a lot of hard work and research – and time consuming, so if you think that making money is a shake leg business then you are wrong.  There are a lot of self-proclaimed internet guru or SEO experts out there – hahahha!!   and some who claims they make 1000s of dollars every month – well, unless you are John Chow or Darren Rowse – i highly doubt so.  Well, there you have it in a nutshell – and yes, my passion is still food and yes, I make money online but compared to pro bloggers like John and Darren – i donch even make a fraction of what they make but i’m happy to let you know that I’ve build a small little nest for my daughter and can afford little luxuries without having to “ta fu tou” – on our grocery money.


  1. Shirley Loo

    hahahaa….tell me about it MB! im having the same situation as yours, only mine is to upload in my FB hehe… but hor, to cum this far, MB u sure did a awesome job lah i must said ;-D Gambateh yo!!

  2. Winnie

    Hi Mb,
    My cousin Tiff also has a camera fetish on foods. Whenever we go out to eat, she always takes a snap of the delicacies. For the first couple of meals, I feel a little annoyed and embarrassed but as time pass, I realized that this is her hobby and one should not be judgmental about this. This is actually a creative and innovative activity. We are living in the 21st century and we do not limit ourselves to traditional hobbies. As you post photos of foods online, you are introducing me to a global cultural explosion of foods. What a delight to view these photos! o boy it make me hungry.

  3. Mei

    Hehehe, same here, I take pictures of food everywhere I go now. I think my friends have gotten used to me with my phone camera and normal camera! My pics usually go on FB too 🙂
    BTW apple pie is my fave! 😀

  4. aud

    Hi MB

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and keep up the good work. I guess anyone who visit your blog would agree that whatever you blog about bring delight to their everyday life. I see that it’s a win-win situation….you make time blogging and you deserve to be rewarded coz you not only satisfy yourself by doing something you enjoy but you also make your followers happy too.

    I have been living away from my native land just like you, and reading about your food blog brings a sense of familiarity. As a matter of fact, I do enjoy reading everything you blog about. BTW, your girl is very gorgeous.

    Once again, thank you for having such a brilliant blog and for bringing joy to people who follows your blog 🙂

  5. Pandora

    Yummy I love lemon meringue pie.

    My husband likes to take pictures of the food he cooks too, but I just wanna eat it.

  6. kokoro

    Well done, MB! I am happy to hear that you are rewarded for all your hard work online. Oh, the lemon meringue pie looked scrumptious! It’s my favourite pie!

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