Chloe is indeed a very blessed gal – because you see – she not only have aunties from everywhere who sends her presents – she has a Kai Mah from Singapore – who travels a lot and buy things for her from all over the world.  We cannot ask for a better Kai Mah and am very grateful for the love shown to Chloe.


Kai Mah Lina who went to Japan for a vacation brought back Japan for Chloe – everything from Hello Kitty.  So thoughtful – go for vacation also think of the Kai Lui.  A Hello Kitty cup for her hot drinks.


And goody bag from Sanrio Land


A picture/postcard of Hello Kitty – which Chloe promptly pasted in her room.


Hello Kitty Chopstick and another red color chopstick – very pretty but i didn’t get a good picture of it.


A Hello Kitty towel with Chloe’s birthday on it – super thoughtful right.


A place mat from Hello Kitty.  Thank you so much .. Kai Mah – Chloe said.  She said.. she loved everything – and will treasure them.


  1. keen

    Wow! such nice Hello Kitty stuff all the way from Sanrio Land! Chloe is so lucky to have such a wonderful Kai Mah!

  2. kokoro

    Kai Mah Lina is always so thoughtful. What a wonderful Kai Mah she is! Princess Chloe is one lucky gal to have a generous and thoughtful Kai Mah in Aunty Lina! I bet Chloe adores all her Hello Kitty presents direct from Japan.

    Kai Mah Lina, I hope you had a great holiday in Japan!

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