I bet no one has eaten lychee here in this town – I kid you not, tell them about the best acne cream and they wouldn’t have any problem about it but if I showed them this fruit and offered free of charge to them- they wouldn’t eat it even if their life depended on it.  I found some decent looking ones in our local grocery store and since they were quite decent looking i bought some to try.  I haven’t eaten real lychees like for 10 yrs – the can ones yes – get them from Halifax but as you know they are heavily syrup.


You must be wondering why i only bought so few right ..??  firstly – you wouldn’t believed how much i paid for these 5 puny looking lychees and secondly – i didn’t wanna be disappointed – as you all know that lychees back home are pinkish red in color and these ones are almost brown.  I wasn’t disappointed – in fact even Chloe loves them.. and asked for more – unfortunately – when i went back to the grocery store – they were all sticky and squashed by other fruits on top of it.  I paid like $2.59 for them – ridiculous eh..?? when one can get $5 a pound for lobsters..!


  1. Linh

    I agree with Mei. This is expensive. In my place, I get a bundle for $1.99. For five of them, this is expensive.

  2. June

    OMG that is really expensive…I bought 5kgs of lychees for AUD $5.00!! Wish I could send some to you!

  3. jenny

    wow that is very expensive,in here in NYC during summer season thats normally when its being sold in markets, they normally 3-4 lb for $10

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