Did you know that the “ang mohs” love their nuts? Yes!  in fact the fun of eating nuts is to crack them up with a nut cracker.  I never used to enjoy eating nuts this way – but it’s a lot more fun to crack the nuts whole and then dig the goodies out with your fingers.  I also think you eat a lot less than those packet nuts that you can buy at convenient stores.


These nuts are really cheap here – a bag of assorted nuts are less than $5 i think .. and usually ppl don’t even finished them at parties but they are great to be seen on table.  So if you haven’t cracked a nut before, try it – even chloe loves playing with the nut cracker.   Oh . .and nuts are supposedly to be healthy and healthier if eaten whole.


  1. kokoro

    Yeah, MB, I never really eat nuts this way until I migrated out here. I find cracking nuts with a nutcracker very fiddley so I usually just buy those nuts without the shells on. Almonds and walnuts are my favourite nuts as they are full of goodness. I like cashew nuts too but they can be quite fattening if eaten in large quantities.

  2. Pat

    Hey even the ang mohs here in italy love cracking their nuts. We had tons of them during the festive season. Guess what, while I’m going to your blog I’m also biting on some pumpkin seeds (kwa chi)that’s our equivalent to nuts I’d say…

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