We haven’t been to Quiznos for a long, long time.  When they first opened we had gone in to try it – but we found that Subway had better value for the money.  But since we wanted something different on a Sunday afternoon for a quick lunch – we decided to stop by Quiznos.  The wait staff were nice but they had absolutely no upselling skills nor do we feel welcome at all when ordering.  Don’t get me wrong – they did their job – but you just can’t feel the warmth at all.  As for the food – well, one would need  bodybuilding supplements if we had to eat here regularly.


For a meal of 2 – we paid like $13 – 2 sandwiches and a soup and 2 drinks.  Pretty ex in my humble opinion.  Apparently, they also changed the names of their sandwiches – and named them bullets and flats.  I had the flats with roast beef and the “ang moh” had turkey in it.  The sandwiches were open faced and were so awkward to eat.  As soon as we tried to fold it up.. everything just fell out.


Chloe had a huge cookie that she can’t finished – no wonder the Canadians are obese – blame it on fast food chain like this.   There is an only one size cookie and if someone paid for it – they wouldn’t wanna waste their money – so they stuffed their faces.


The soup was pretty tasty – i suspect a lot of msg.


This was my flat – they had a lot of dressing on it – not something i chose – they just put it in.  The “ang moh’s” bullet looked horrid hor..??  but he said it was alright.


  1. Mei

    Never heard of a “flat” or a “bullet” sandwich before. And I’ve never seen an open sandwich that’s hard to eat… Maybe the company needs to re-think their selling and product strategies… But Chloe’s cookie does not look disasspointing!

  2. ES

    They recently opened 2 branches in S’pore. Brought in by Far East Org. The one in Raffles Pl is VERY CROWED during lunch. Can wait up to 30 mins for just one sandwich!

    Anyway, they are quite good, the ones here. Better quality then subway. Of course also more expensive.

    Well, if can’t finish, can always “dog bag”.

  3. Just so you know there is no MSG in any of the soups! Nor is there any in anything else, except the basil pesto and the bacon alfredo sauce. Although I live in the US, the meat on your sammie(as we call them) looks a little skimpy. We sell our sammies with a BOWL of soup for $5.50. The meat and cheese is all real and natural though and there are no preservatives or additives in the breads. Good luck! Hope you try us again!

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