I had a special fried rice that I had ordered for the Zhu’s the other day – it was pretty awesome – i had asked for less rice .. because it’s only for me – but i wanted some foo yung eggs because i was craving for “choy poh” but of course, I haven’t had “choy poh” for like 10 yrs lah.  But anyhow the fried rice was so good – it had prawns in it .. and they were so yummilicious fresh – i ordered it again – a week later.


Unfortunately, this time – it didn’t turned out the way i wanted it – it was ok – but not as yummy as the first time but i still ate it.  I wonder if fried rice is considered junk food hor?  afterall, lots of cholesterol and all right…??  But the first one was fresh – not much msg – therefore i considered ordering it again – but if it taste anything like the second one – you know who needs some  fat burner eh.


  1. soofen

    oh craving for rice!!!! I’m in carbohydrate-free diet for over a week now and started to crave for rice / noodle whenever I see them~ after seeing this post, I feel like running to the Chinese TakeAway for it!!!!!!!

  2. frances

    I loved fried rice, it is easy to make and tasted yummy. It was a great way to get rid of leftovers and smelled awesome! 🙂

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