Yes ! again ! i found this in our local grocery store. What a surprised eh! I mean here in Canada – very easy to find bodybuilding supplements at our local stores but what are the chances to finding vermicelli and spinach ones at that! I thought to myself.. boy! this must be my lucky week – I mean i like spinach and it’s healthy – so how bad can it be right?


So quickly – i cooked it as soon as I had a chance – didn’t even need to have it in my beef stew but still cooked it to try it out. That was how excited i was – hahah!! mountain tortoise eh? Well – for those who’ve never tried this before – don’t waste your $3.50 because it had an awful smell to it – and it broke into so many tiny pieces.. it was hard to it – and it wouldn’t drain dry properly. Bummer eh..!! potong steam..!


  1. Shirley Loo

    wow!!! I’ve heard of spinach fettucine only so far… this is new combi woh 😉 too bad it doesnt turn out nice hor?

  2. kokoro

    Thanks for letting us know about this product. Now I won’t buy it if I see it in the shops here.

  3. ilovetvb

    The idea sounds good, too bad it did not turn out good. I have tried squash rice vermicelli and it was great. I’ll try to get a photo of it. I found it in a Chinese supermarket when I was in New York.

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