So I finally gave in instead of buying  cigars online for Chloe’s grampie’s birthday, I bought this Disney thermos for Chloe just to encourage her to eat her lunch.  She does have another one .. but it’s a plain black and grey one (which was taller – she can’t reached the bottom of her food)  and it wasn’t cheap either – but this one was way expensive since it was Disney.  You see, we have to bring in lunch to her everyday – well almost everyday except for one of two days because she is fussy like that about what she eats.

So how did it go .. you are asking..?? well .. the brat still isn’t eating all her lunch but then she will have no excuse now eh.  And the other one a pink one but smaller one that she had for the longest time cracked – so there – I had to justify why i bought her such an expensive thermos.


  1. kokoro

    MB, I reckon it is money well-spent. The thermos looks so pretty. I am sure Chloe is loving her new thermos.

  2. frances

    The thermos looks so pretty, Chloe just have to open it up everyday and want to find out what ‘s surprise inside for her? Good choice,mb. 🙂

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