New Cafe In Town

New cafe in town  located not too far from our store – was recently reopened – they were formerly the home of  another eating place  who had moved to another location not too far away from its original place.  Anyhow – after having eaten so much wanton soup – and laksa compliments of Jen from … [Read more…]

Baked Alfredo Bites

I took pictures of the baked Alfredo Chicken Bites and thought I should show you how they looked like after they are baked for 20 mins.  I usually leave them in the oven for another 5 mins .. but i turn off the oven – to let it cool down.  Like i said in my … [Read more…]

Food Kids Likes

Chloe is a very fussy eater who would love to have pond kits like any other kids.  I’m sure you all know by now but she never refuses mashed potatoes with ham and corn.  So this is what we give her on Sundays when we don’t have to work and the “ang moh” can cook … [Read more…]

Tofu Curry

President’s Choice has a new marinated tofu on the shelf last week – they usually have the ones marinated with teriyaki sauce but they have certainly become a lot more adventurous.   It wasn’t cheap for 2 pieces of tofu .. that I’ll have to say .. at about $ 4.99 – daylight robbery right..? Back … [Read more…]