I took pictures of the baked Alfredo Chicken Bites and thought I should show you how they looked like after they are baked for 20 mins.  I usually leave them in the oven for another 5 mins .. but i turn off the oven Рto let it cool down.  Like i said in my previous post Рthe bites are pretty good and can be eaten as a snack Рgood for an appetizer  or finger food if you are having a party.

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  1. kokoro

    Hi MB

    Sorry for the long lapse of silence from my end. I have been away from home on holidays and just gotten back home. I must say I really missed reading your blog very much.

    You know when I first saw the photo of your baked Alfredo Chicken bites, I thought they were the fried ‘lin gou’. Gosh, they do look like fried ‘lin gou’ sandwiched between two pieces of yam!

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