It was Chloe’s grampie’s birthday a few weeks ago – but as you all can see, we had been so busy that we didn’t have a chance to get him a cake till yesterday.  We had Mr B’s sister – Crystal – she is so talented do us a boobie cake for Grampie.  I had wanted Crystal to write “Happy Birthday, Old Fart” on the cake but she must have forgotten .. muahahah!!!  I had also wanted to get him some wrinkle creams but PB said he won’t use it – so i bought some for myself instead.  The cake tasted really good – according to Chloe’s grampie – even better than Sobey’s he said – so i’m really happy about it.  What do you think..?? like the boobie cake..??


It’s chocolate and white cake inside.


  1. frances

    Wow! it is very creative way to decorate a birthday cake. It is funny and yet everyone can enjoy and eat it, too! 🙂

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