Jen Cheung from Toronto is someone I met online who became fast friend with myself and Chloe – not only is she talented with her hands  – she is very enterprising.  Jen has 2 blogs : and – Jen has a charming personality – probably that’s why she chose Charm Of Love for her first blog – hehe!   Anyhow, Jen knew that Chinese New Year was round the corner and had offered to buy some CNY stuff for me and Chloe and as you can see – she bought more than just CNY stuff.


Jen had taken the trouble to look for stuff for Chloe and I and not only that even took time to meet up with PB’s cousin – Lynn who was on her way back for a short visit – weekend only – to hand over the goodies to Lynn for us – so that she can buy more stuff for us by saving on the postage. Look at how thrilled Chloe was..! that is Chloe’s favorite jello!


There were pork floss – lychee jello – ang pows – laksa, mee siam, candies and even Chinese noodles for Chloe.


A Hello Kitty toy – stickers – BBQ Pork.


Hello Kitty bowl, cup and a plate too – and some Chinese New Year’s couplets for the store and for Chloe’s room.  So thoughtful right?  Thank you .. so much Jen..!!  we don’t know how to repay your kindness..!  You surely outdid yourself here.


  1. hehe no problem MB! I cant help myself because whenever I see hello kitty stuff, i think of chloe now =D. Its addicting!! when is Lynn going back to Nova Scotia again? Remember to let me know okay?? =)

  2. shirleyloo

    wahhhh…look at lil chloe charming!!! hehe…Jen u really kind hearted ;-D

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