I’m not really a cheese person but I do take them because of the calcium i need .. but like Chloe, I too, am attracted to anything pink although not as crazy as Chloe.  So this cheese is cheddar and come with vintage port too.   Very pretty looking if you asked me – and am so tempted to buy.  But alas, PB only takes cheddar plain – he is not into the arty farty things, he said cheese is cheese.


They are not very expensive either – about $5 a block – anyone tried it, please let me know what you think of it.  I prefer the creamy cheese but not too rich please.  What type do you take..??  I know, I know – to the cheese lovers it’s like asking them if the Ferrari parts are good for a Ferrari owners.


  1. soofen

    mmm I love cheese… but never seen this selling in London supermarket… since I’m going to the supermarket for food shopping in a minute… have a look for it and see then~

  2. frances

    The only cheese i familiar with is our Tillamook medium Cheddar cheese which is processed here locally. It is rich, creamy, smooth flavor. I buy them in slices and make sandwiches for lunch. I am not much of a cheese eater. 🙂

  3. Hi MB, happy cny!!!! and Happy Valentines 🙂 thanks for all the “goodies” u posted …. appreciate all your effort. 🙂

  4. V200

    Cheese my favour food.
    True never see this selling at a local supermarket.
    Maybe it cost too much.

  5. SmileyAnnie

    I never seen this cheese before but i am one of the addicted to pink fans too 😉 hehe ! But i absolutely love polly-o cheese !

  6. MeiPY

    Cheese! Yummy! I’ve had Marks and Spencer’s vintage cheese, but not with port. Vintage cheese tastes a bit sweet – a mild cheese.

  7. Julie Chang

    Oh! No…about the previous post. have no idea how that address got below the comment. And need to change my name to the marry one. YIKES!

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