So Mr R was up in the city and so generously offered to go pick up some Chinese food from the Asian Grocery store for us at Queen Street.  We ordered a box of food and miscellaneous and we had fish cake with Wanton noodles.  I haven’t had wanton noodles for a few months now – so it was really good.  Chloe loves it but she had hers with chicken – because she refuses to eat fish cake therefore I have to go to to read all about the stuff i have to give to chloe for an alternative.


Chloe is so fussy with her food – it really makes it hard for me to cook anything for her – so i try to slip in the good stuff for her – even though it’s little..  i feel it is better than none.  She loves her wanton noodles and luncheon meat though – you can offer it to her everyday .. and she will have no problems with it.


  1. Lina

    I’m just like Chloe, love wan ton noodles. Whenever i’m in HK, i must eat wan ton noodles EVERYDAY 😛

  2. MeiPY

    I used to like fishballs and fishcakes when I was little… But now I don’t like them as much. A bit fishy.

  3. kokoro

    Hi MB

    I’ve just come back from Hong Kong. While I was there, I was able to tuck into several bowls of the famous wonton noodles at Mak’s Noodles shop. I love Hong Kong wonton noodles. They’re the best in the world!

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